Wednesday, February 27, 2008

12-17 Days

Maddox is one of the greatest kids in the world (my top 2, really)..he's got the greatest laugh ever and he's extra silly. I think that's how you know he's mine.

Also..whoever keeps giving my babies permission to grow up should knock it off. I don't know when Calix decided he was cool..but I think he should be knocked over.

Can't you just see him in high school? Minus sippy cup..maybe. I mean, he really likes that thing. Good golly, that boy's the spitting image of his father.

Heys yous guyyssss..I has rosy cheeks alls the times!
Ugh, I could just gobble him up!

I love how Calix is such a huge help! In the middle of the night, if Maddox whines for a lost binky, Calix will roll his big tired brother self out of bed and search for it then hand it to Maddox before getting back into bed. When he sees a baby has spit up or some milk has spilled..he runs to grab a rag and wipes it up (and also wipes their faces if they have some spittle on their lips). He throws out his own well as Maddox's (yeah, he opens doors now). If I ask him to go get me a new diaper from upstairs..not only will he get me a new diaper..he'll also grab a new shirt and sometimes also pants (for Maddox). He not only clears his own place at the table..but when he sees things that have been left behind (even a small noodle), he brings them to me while I'm in the kitchen.

They're small things, I know..but they all add up to mean so much to his mama. He's always trying to get other to join in on dancing..and he's recently started to sing/hum random songs. I think that's how you know he hangs out with me too much hahaha.

Maddox officially climbs ALL of the stairs. Great. His list of words are:

All done!
No! (like when you tell him to go to bed...)

I'm getting my first official professional haircut in roughly 18 years (or so) tomorrow. I think the last time I remember someone else other than me or my mom (or a random friend) cutting my hair was when I was about 7. Maybe 6. I remember getting bangs when I was 6 from the Hair Cuttery (was that even the name?). Anyway, I'd been putting off making the appointment (Chelsea finally made the call for me. Hey, I'm out of minutes for the month..because I have this husband who's deployed and on his way home. The minutes..they go by quickly!)..because while I really really want a nice makes me nervous. What if I don't like it?! What if they tell me I suck and yell at me for cutting my own hair? I don't want it short! I look like a weird teenager with short my hair's like POOF!!! And then it laughs at me. Anyway, hopefully they can thin it out a layers throughout..ya know..I'm pretty open to suggestions..I just don't want anything I can't put up in a ponytail (I'm not into stubby ponytails, either) because may I remind you I'm moving to Hawaii in June and I'll need to put my hair up so it doesn't go POOF!!! on me all the time.


Jenna Consolo said...

Abby, the boys are so darling! Of course you're a proud Mama! You should be! Professional haircuts are the best. I never want my hair cut if it doesn't cost at least $30. That's a small guarantee as to the quality you'll get. They can thin it. It's called texturizing and it's amazing. You'll look beautiful, as always.'re moving in JUNE??? Holy cow! That's not too far away! Will Orion be deployed again?

Sarah said...

Your boys are adorable! (I'm aloud to say that everytime you post pics of them, right?) And what a big helper boy Calix is!

Can't wait to see pics of the new do!

Abby said...

O will deploy again, yes. We don't know how soon after we get there..maybe right away (if his new unit are currently deployed..then he'd catch the tail end of it)..maybe a few months..maybe a year. We're just not sure. I'd like to have him home for a bitty bit before he leaves again..but I guess we'll see!

chelsea said...

i so freaken love that video of maddox...cracks me up still...speaking of which i think me and maddox will play the block game again tonight...friggin' cutie pie