Saturday, February 23, 2008

16-21 Days!

Today, everyone gets together to make the welcome home banners. Let me say that again. WELCOME HOME BANNERS. Ohhhh geeezzeeee. The guts! They ache!

I'll have to pick stuff up to make my own Welcome Home banner for our house..and I'll need to pick balloons up..and maybe some small American flags to line the sidewalk.

The little pimples that keep popping up on my 25 year old forehead (I've never ever had any kind of an acne problem in my this is ALL kinds of fun for me.) are there to let you know how excited/frazzled/nervous I am about this entire thing. It's way closer than I'm letting it feel. I'll say that much. Orion said he has those last weeks of school jitters going on. That's pretty cute of him. Now he can come home and be schooled in the art of love and family. Bow chica wow wowwww. Hecks yes I said it.

I stayed in the tanning beds too long yesterday. I made this mistake, see..that well, I'd been using the fastest beds for 12 when I went back to the fast beds yesterday..I figured..meh..15 minutes. I'll say when I was walking into Walmart afterwards to pick up my bedroom curtains that had finally arrived, I could feel my butt cheeks burning. Greeaaatttt. My entire backside..from shoulders down to the little creases in the backs of my ankles are a nice shade of pink. Well, there's a crease under my butt that refuses to get tan at that of course isn't pink, either. I've been slathering myself in aloe. Good times.


Sarah said...

I burned my stomache a couple years ago when I got in a tanning bed for my first time ever. It was the first time it had ever been exposed to any sort of light, well...besides bedroom light. Anyway....I don't recall if I burnt my back side at all but my tummy was ultra sensitive for several days. Lets just say...I feel your pain!

So exciting for you to have Orion coming home soon! And yes, for sure...wait to watch that movie with him. It will make it that much more special!!

Anonymous said...

"It's way closer than I'm letting it feel."

OMG girl, you are so close. I'm here thinking 3 1/2 months is way close, but when we get to where you are I think I'll continually have wet pants!

Jenna Consolo said...

Whooo-hooo! Welcome home banners! And you must make a cake, and a special dinner! What will it be???

chelsea said...

Hellz yes its close....I feel all your nerves girl...can't wait can't wait...we gotta go welcome home stuff shopping...:) ya know. I definitely am not worrying about food at this moment cuz well..I would hope that he wouldn't be worried about eating and would have his attention somewhere else. ya know...still gots all the alcohol to buy though..don't forget that...

Saint Holiday said...

Abidoo! I am so excited for you. We've been praying to get him home safely. What a homecoming it will be! Just like in the movies with everybody crying. Orion holding two kids at once, kissing the wifelet. The Hero returns, and the Jihadists are praising Allah that he is gone at last. You two won't need any booze. I love you.
The Once & Future Dad