Thursday, February 28, 2008

11-16 Days!

This is strange for me. I feel like my hair is super short. My ponytail feels stubby..but it's not. I feel like I have extra thin hair (I really wasn't even aware until recently that I supposedly had thick hair. I didn't feel like it was thick..but I guess it was). It's all just so little!

The stylist I had (Angie) at Regis was super nice. She couldn't get over how much hair I actually had. She would grab the bottom and tell the other women around that that's what she had on her entire head. I told her my hair is just happy. I told her I was up for anything, long as it wasn't extra short. I NEEDED to be able to put it in a ponytail still, please. I don't think that's asking too much, right? So she gets to work..and we're talking about how she can't believe how I haven't had a professional cut my hair since I was 6. I told her I would cut it myself..or my mom..or hey..a random neighbor. It happens. I figure hair grows back and it's not a HUGE who cares? I was expecting her to yell at me and tell me I messed my hair up..but she actually told me I'd done a good job. She kept complimenting how nice my hairs that's nice.

At the end, she warned me to not slip in my hair. I looked at the floor. Yo. could have made a wig out of what had been discarded. I like it. I like I tipped her 50%.

Don't mind the whiteness of the face compared to the tanned chest. I um..I need darker make up now. It's something I've never had happen to me haha. I'm dyeing my hair tomorrow..a darker black (only because after a few washes, this one looks more brown than black..and well, I like black hair. It makes me feel more Italian than I actually look.) and I guess I need to return the powder I just bought because I swore it was darker than that in the store..and well, well..I look like friggin Snow White or something.


Hannah said...


chelsea said...

yeah you gotta fix it and post more...cuz youz even more of a sexy biotch...and well youz super super sexy with it all done up...and well..youz glad we did that...i stare at us both all the time now..haahahaha

Hilary said...

you look FIERCE!!!!

Jenna Consolo said...

Abby! It looks great! Doesn't a good haircut feel incredible? Changes everything! Makes you want to dance! Or get naked! Wait...maybe that's just me. Anyway, you look beautiful. So, if Orion's stuff is there, does that mean that it's LESS than 10 days? How long can he live without his stuff?

Sarah said... looks gorgeous! I'm very envious!

Abby said...

Shoot, I'm naked all the time. Being tanner than I've ever been in my life makes me want to do the naked dance haha. But to answer your question in this post, Jenna..and Hannah's in the next..the stuff he doesn't need ON him got sent home. A few uniforms..stuff I've sent him..and a bunch of extra random stuff. He still has uniforms with him (or he could be doing a naked dance too..) as well as his hygiene stuff and what not. Basically the bare essentials he needs until he comes home. And the 10 days thing..the 10th is the earliest we're allowed to hang the welcome home banners. However, they're saying it's looking like it's going to be the 2nd this is why I'm saying from the 10th-15th..and we won't know exactly when until 72 hours out.'s mostly just a waiting game.