Wednesday, January 30, 2008

45 Days!

I was just picking up a rad taco to eat for was just about to touch my lips..and the doorbell rang. Great, of course. Everyone is sitting down to dinner..they're all eating. I'm still trying to get Calix's chicken cooked because he won't eat tacos..regardless of how delicious they are. I open the door and YAYYY it's the UPS man! He has a box and I'm like "woo!! box one of the new bed is here!" He has me sign for it and then is all "there's more." and goes to the hand cart to get the rest of the boxes..1 by one. Chelsea's muscles carried them upstairs (I don't know if you've seen my hands lately..but I'm afraid they're quite small and girly and's hard for me to get a good grip on big boxes because of this. I wear a 5 1/2 ring. Sometimes a 5. Yeah. They're small.) for me and after the babies were fed, bathed, and put into bed for the night..I got started:

ohhh geeezzzeeee.. it looked more overwhelming than it actually was.

the box..minus the top

This whole part was kind of like putting together huge Legos..or Lincoln Logs or something else along those building lines. Ha ha.

covered so it doesn't look like you sleep on a black box..

halfway done building the mattress part. It's opened and lined and I'd put the chambers in, too.

both chambers inflated to 55 (that's what they originally suggested for me..we'll see how I feel about it after tonight) (and yes I totally sleep all over the bed because O's not home. I know..LIVIN IT UP! ah haha).

I forgot to take pictures of the foam slab (seriously..) and then the bed all zipped up..and now it just looks like it did last night what with the stupid stupid "bedding" on it again. Golly, I hate that stuff.

Even with the 20 minute break it required of me (to let the sides expand), I still finished it in under an hour and a an hour, I guess. And to think I was going to pay someone else $150 to do that for me. Seriously? Do it's not hard at all. Ya know..if you ever get one.


Hilary said...

How cool!! How much do those cost?! I've thought about getting one because Brian's back is always hurting, and I toss and turn all night long.

Jenna said...

So, I'm dying to know how it felt to sleep on! Keep in mind that sometimes the "right" mattress still takes some time to get used to. Like you may wake up and feel achy and be like, "This sucks!", but it may just be that your body has to get used to something that is better. Does that make sense? I've always wondered about these beds.

Abby said...

The prices vary, hil..go to and price a bed.

It wasn't so bad..I know it'll take a while to get used to it. First I have to figure out my sleep number. I started it at 50 which is what they suggested for me..and I'm to try that number out for 4 nights and then I can adjust if needed. I seriously didn't wake up in the middle of the night at all last night..okay, once Maddox was crying because his mobile was really running low on battery and decided to give him a freakish light show in the middle of the night while playing demonic sounding songs. It's kinda funny. But other than that..I slept just fine and while I can tell it's not the greatest night of sleep I've ever had..I know in a week or so I'll be slumbering away.

As for what it felt like? Like a really expensive air mattress with layers of foam and what not all around. It totally contours to your body and also doesn't lose air in the middle of the night hahaha!! Because seriously..who wants to wake up in their box (I would say spring..but it's really just a box..)? Within minutes of laying down for the night I was falling asleep so hard I caught myself about to drool. Yeah, I said it. Very nice feeling. Mmmm drool.