Saturday, February 02, 2008

42 Days!

Well, I'm sick. My throat hurts..and my nose is drippy. I don't like it.

I can't believe Maddox will be 1 in less than 2 weeks! ...I need to get busy on his video photo collage.

He's such my big boy helper these days! I love that if Maddox wakes up in the middle of the night, Calix hops out of bed and either gives him his lost binky..or a toy. Usually both. I love that every night after Maddox is in bed and it's mommy and Calix time..he grabs his blanket and then notices I never have he runs to find me one..then climbs up next to me with his own blanket and we cuddle. I friggin LOVE this kid!

Briana and Maddox: Storming the Gate

we's wants cheer-me-ohs and crackers, woman!

Briana and Maddox: Storming the Chair

In other news..Calix got his first freckle a couple of days ago. It's right above the left side of his lip arch (make sense..?). He's also acquired one on his right arm since then. baby's getting freckles!

I love the new bed already. Last night I totally prepared to get into bed. Yeah..I shaved my legs and dried my hair (which I basically never do at night because it could wake the babes)..then lotioned up..before pulling back the brand new and freshly laundered white sheets and snuggled under while setting the number to 55 and then picked up a book to read..but was interrupted by the hubs who called. I welcomed the interruption because well, it's Orion. Not only that but the phones there have been down and ya know..they weren't expected to even work for the next couple of weeks so to get a call from him (he said it took him a half hour to even get to where it would connect) was a very nice surprise. Awww..husband. Soon. So very soon.

Did I mention my throat hurts? :(


Hannah said...

Awww Lil man's gonna be 1!! I'll have to send cookies.

So how did you like sleeping on the new bed? Was it great?

Abby said...

It's a good time, really. I'm still getting used to it..but I can already feel a difference. Horray for actually sleeping!

chelsea said...

sweet woman sweet...i actually totally just forgot what the hell i was gonna say so i guess i'll just say sweet...haha damn memory

Jenna said...

Sorry you're sick, Abs. I just got over the flu and it was awful. I can't believe Maddox is almost 1! And when you mentioned the photo collage, I remembered Calix's...the one that made me cry!

YogaNana said...

Looking forward to the collage! Sounds like everything's going well except for your health. Three words: Apple Cider Vinegar.

Of course, there's the multi-word caveat: start it as soon as your throat feels even a bit scratchy.