Tuesday, January 29, 2008

46 Days!! pt 2

Okay so..I noticed after the guys left that one of the love seat's arms was sad and wiggly. Chelsea was on her way back from the dentist where the lady hurt her something mighty so..I asked her to call the furniture store and take out her anger on them because well..well, I'm just meek. Make them come back and replace it, ya know. At first, the woman she was speaking with said nothing could be done about it until the 10th. I would have agreed..because I'm a pushover. Chelsea was all "the guys literally left my house an hour ago. Can't they come back? Find them on the radio and see where they are and if they can come back and pick it up because I have a 2 1/2 year old who doesn't really sit still"...she was pretending to be me, obviously. Seriously, all it would take was for someone to lean on the arm and it'd be all SNAP!! And I'd be all *sob*. So..the woman came back and said they can pick it up on Friday and replace it at the same time..and hey, they'll give me back my delivery monies at the same time. Hey..I like getting $100 back. It feels nice. So no one's allowed to sit on the love seat until the new one comes on Friday.

Anyway..the living room and dining room before the guys came:

And after:

And our bedroom:

(don't mind the box of random Orion stuff..and our stupid bedding. I have new 1000TC sheets on the way and I'm about to buy the new bedding too. So..if you can look past that and pretty much just know it's better than it was)

Gee..I wonder which side of the bed is mine haha.

The sleep number bed is on it's way and should be here in about a week or so..so that'll be nice. Basically..just details now. Details. Like..maybe some curtains for our room finally (granted, I was holding off until I found bedding I actually *liked*)..and a bigger rug for the living room..ya know..details.

I would also like to add that every piece of furniture I put on the corner was snatched up by someone else. Even the leather love seat that'd been sitting in the rain all day. Yeah, seriously.


chelsea said...

glad it has worked out for you..and glad i could help...and yes how pathetic are these people who pick up this used wet old shit...i don't get it...they could i dunno go to the goodwill and at least find something not soaked. p.s. the stuff doesn't look to big..your house just finally looks filled...its a nice feeling isn't it.?

Hannah said...

It's beautiful Abby and I'm still so envious of your wood floors. I do think you need a nice sized, colored rug in your room under your bed. You know so it extends out from under your bed and adds some color to your room.

The couches look so cozy too. I want to come snuggle on them!

Hilary said...

Everything looks awesome!! Nice job :)

Wanna come do my house next?!

Jenna said...

Wow! It looks great! I only wish they would let you paint the walls! Oh, well. How fun to have all that new furniture! I'll bet it feels so good to open your eyes in the morning and come downstairs!

Abby said...

I *could* paint the walls..if I wanted to paint them back to the white they are now when we leave..and well, I don't. I knowwwwww my bedroom's WAY too white now..but colored curtains..new bedding..stuff on the walls..and a new rug will fix all of that.

I'm in the middle of putting the new bed together.. a picture post will follow later, I'm sure.

YogaNana said...

Wow, it's all wonderful! You've been waiting a long time for this, haven't you? Doing the Happy Dance for you out here!