Thursday, December 13, 2007

94 Days

Jenna tagged me for a 10 things no one knows about me something or other. I don't think there's much people DON'T know about me. I'm fairly open so this is going to be super hard for me. And also may take some walking away and coming back to in order to finish. Here we go:

1. I used to steal stuff. When I was a kid. A lot. Like.. *a lot*. Mostly just candy. I probably owe Aunt Charlottes in NJ a few hundred least. I never got caught and I keep telling myself that at some point in my life, I should pay them.

2. I taught myself how to drive (because no one else would) when I was 20 and a brave friend was just like "you can drive my car". Okay..I will. And I did. It started with me driving a bunch of people (those brave souls!) back to my house from the park and that same day, I got on the highway.

3. Another about driving: my palms just about *always* sweat while I'm behind the wheel. I pay so much attention to everything around me (uhh..the deer gang was like.. a freak accident. They popped up out of NOWHERE) and I sometimes get nervous about it. I'm constantly wiping my hands on my pants. Orion teases me about it.

4. I've moved a total of 17 times so far in my life. For a while I could fit my whole life into 2 suitcases and a box.

5. I've never been in a real physical fight. I cannot throw a punch at ALL. I also cried my way out of a fight with a scary Mexican girl in Jr. High because I didn't even do anything..and oh my gosh..I can't fight! It went like this (lil 12 year old Abby btw) Mexican Girl: "why you looking at me like that?" Me: "I'm not looking at you.." Mexican Girl: "I'm going to kick your ass after school, homes" Me: "What? Why? (immediate tears)" Science Teacher: "Abby, what's wrong?" Me: "'s about my dad.." Mexican Girl: "Okay okay.. I won't beat your ass this time..but if you ever look at me like that again, I will! You'd better not say nothing!"

6. I randomly sing in crowded stores if a song I like is playing. I sometimes dance too. It embarrasses people I'm with *all* the time..but I do it for the smiles from random strangers.

7. When I was 11, I owned 2 pairs of underwear. It's not that I didn't *want* more..I just didn't know how to ask my mom. I was a *really* shy kid. I think that's why I have a huge drawer full of it now. Kind of making up for it, I guess.

8. When I was 16, my mom started this thing that for every 50 pages I read, I'd earn $5. I earned something like $160 that summer of which I used on a bunch of new clothes. It also got me reading..and I read every single night before I go to sleep now.

9. I used to call a DJ in Philly (Y100) while I lived in Colorado. We had an online/phone thing for a while. I was 17.

10. I have roughly 1,000 Camel Notes saved up from when I was a smoker. I keep forgetting to turn them in to get something fairly rad. It also disgusts me to know I ever spent that much on cigarettes. I mean..what is that? Roughly $3,500? EW!

Those probably weren't all that interesting..but seriously, there really isn't much unknown about me and the things that are..are unknown (in here) for a reason.


Sarah said...

I liked em! They were new/interesting to me. I LOL'd on #3...I think it must run in your family cuz Josiah tends to be the same way. He gets all tense when we drive any huge amount of distance. His arms are always straight out w/his hands on the top of the wheel.

Also, #8 is a good idea. I think maybe I'll start that with Rylie. The kids are ALWAYS looking for a way to earn money and she totally needs to get on the reading ball. She reads so well and can soak up what she's reading which she totally does not get from me. I mean, I can read very well, it's the taking in what I read that I suck at.

Glad to know more about you, Abby!

Jenna said...

Great confessions, Abby! I loved it! Thanks for playing along, and don't ever think that you're not interesting, or that there isn't tons to know about you.