Monday, December 10, 2007

97 Days

Jenna asked what kind of Christmas fun is going on over here.

Umm..well, I haven't taken the kids to see Santa yet. Perhaps this weekend?

My alarm and car radio are set to the Christmas music station. That's a plus. I thought about bringing Christmas music with me to the gym..but thought that might be a bit much. Sometimes I think I should change the station in the car though..because early in the morning with the warm heater and "Silent Night" playing tends to make me a bit sleepy. I mostly just want to cuddle all the time.

I finally bought a copy of PeeWee's Christmas special and sat through it with eyes all wide and sparkle-esque like that of a child. I hadn't seen it in quite a few years and mostly just missed it. I tried to make Chelsea watch it. She called me a nerd. *not a nerd* *okay, kind of a nerd*

I pretty much make it a point to watch Christmas movies everyday.

We're doing the Christmas thing together..because both of our men are away and it just makes sense. Just about all of their presents are bought and wrapped and under the tree (which I totally don't like doing. I like the whole..nothing's there until Santa comes thing I grew up with. It makes it more exciting for me..). After I'd removed their presents from my wrapping room (aka Maddox's old nursery) I noticed that my own children have mostly been neglected. Whoops. Calix has a few..Maddox has even less. Guess what I'll be running around doing come payday? Yep. Oy.

I thought about buying some light up deer or something for the yard. But then I thought about the deer from last week Just no.

I'm not sure that I'll be able to send the sister gifts out till 3 days after Christmas because well, paydays in the military don't care if it's Christmas and you need just a bit more monies to send things out. I do have them though. Ask mom. She's seen them.

I made candy cane cookies today. The cookies that I adore. The cookies that have captured my childhood and made me feel so warm and cozy over every single year of my life. I hadn't made them in a couple of years and noticed it didn't have any sugar in the recipe. That seemed a bit off to I called Hannah. Yeah. 1 cup of sugar. Not that it matters because well..let's be honest here and state that those cookies are the biggest pain in my ass (and back) to make. And for what?!!? Ugh. The 2 times I've made them..they've turned out like crap. Taste okay. Looks? They don't really have that goin for them. Today they were pretending they didn't have enough flour or something in them. They also neglected to tell me they felt that way until after they came out of the oven. How my mom made dozens of those things every freaking year is beyond me. She must have taught those cookies a lesson long ago. She told them who was boss.

I might tell them who's boss next year. Maybe.

But that's pretty much it. My babies aren't quite old enough to build gingerbread houses yet..or do Christmas crafts or any of that. Calix is just learning about Santa. He's totally my big boy helper though..but that's another post for another day.


Hannah said...

K- big word up to those cookies. After getting off the phone with you I decided I'd try to finish off the batch of dough I made a few days ago. I had actually doubled the recipe because I love these cookies and figured I had the umph to make them all. So after making like 18, I put the dough in the fridge for later. So last night I tried again. Holy Poo Mom! How on earth did you make so many. I asked Mike that last night while rolling out another 18. I remember theer being tons of cookies and it just takes so much effort.

Just another reason we have the raddest Mom on Earth. I may post a pic of our Chriostmas goodies later in the day. They turned out pretty at least.

Jenna said...

That was fun to read, Abby! I miss all of us together on Christmas.

Those cookies take a lot of practice, really. My first several years went like that too, and I laughed when I read your frustrations with them. It does get easier. I make them every year too. Except that I put peppermint extract in them instead of the almond (? I've been doing it differently for so many years now, it just seemed that candy canes should be peppermint flavored) It also works better the chubbier you make them. But those cookies are only the beginnings of Mom's awesomeness. And we'll hopefully all get there too with as much practice as she had!

Hilary said...

Sounds like fun! Can you share the recipe? I'd love to make them too!

Jenna said...

Hey, I know you're gonna be annoyed, but I tagged you! Merry Christmas!