Monday, December 17, 2007

89 Days left!

I ended up taking little Maddox to see his doctor today because little man had his mommy mighty worried. I've seen him do this a couple of times on random occasions but yesterday was not like the others.

He was sitting up playing with toys after having his breakfast and I noticed his head shaking almost violently side to side. Like he didn't have control over it. I started to get worried and after talking to Chelsea and Orion about it (and breaking down and crying), I made an appointment to be seen. I got asked many questions and I answered them as best as I could. Except for one. They asked if he's ever fallen off of anything and I'd said no. I forgot. I forgot until after I got home that fact, he has fallen. Off the couch and onto the hardwood floors and smacked his head. This was probably 4 months ago. I can't believe I'd forgotten about that.

Anyway, they did some tests and what not and couldn't find anything really wrong with him..except that he has an ear infection and that his mom is very paranoid.
Oh..oh, I'm *sorry* I care about my CHILD, jerks. They call me paranoid because well, I also brought things up like he JUST started crawling literally last week and he's 10 months old. He doesn't even *look* 10 months old to me and doesn't he not look 10 months old? He still curls his legs in to his chest when he's drinking his milk..why does he do that?

I'm pretty much a mom who has too much time to sit and stare at her babies and question every little thing. I never did this when Calix was small but it's like..after Maddox was born and what with Orion being away..I just don't want *anything* happening to them. Their lives are literally in my hands and anything that's wrong with them I feel is all my fault.
I was given meds for his ear infection and told to come back in 3 weeks to see how he's doing. My little man.

I got my mom's package in the mail today. Stuffed the presents under the tree (remind me to get a new toy chest because now that I'm looking at everything under there for the boys I'm suddenly having a small panic attack at the toys that will be EVERYWHERE in about a week. Oh noooooo. I will say though that I've carried on with the Christmas Eve jammie presents tradition that I grew up with. My boys? Will be matching this year. Yup. I'm my mother heheh) and even though I didn't put any of my actual ornaments on my tree this year..I absolutely hung those sheep she sent. They. Are. Adorable. And not only that? She totally sent presents to open *now* I was like..what what what??? Best mom EVER! I'm so excited to use all of those lil goodies she sent along!

Chelsea..I'm writing about you. Be warned. So..Chelsea sucks. She's like..the worst friend ever. Hahaha.. ohhh it's a jokkkeee. I heart her. (step outside, woman..we're fighting). Anyway, you know what I've been slowly working on? Teaching her Christmas type traditions. Not specifically mine (she thinks I'm nerdy for the Christmas jammies. Hello! They need to settle down for their long winter's nap..and be stylish while they do it! And also look cute in the Christmas morning pictures!)..but..well, she was raised a Jehovah's Witness and therefore obviously never did the holiday things. She's very new to it and I feel like it's my duty in a weird take her under my freakishly happy wing and show her a thing or two. Like the..when you're setting out the Santa gifts? One might construct it first..otherwise..what ARE those elves doing all year if they're just sending you pieces in a box? I'm sure kids don't really think of it that way..but ya know..elves BUILD things so you don't have to. Supposedly. It's been fun for me, really. It's like..awww..*hugs Chels*. She's just little.

Also..this is the first day I've had in the past 20 without a headache. My neck isn't NEARLY as stiff as it was. It's nice to not be so limited in movement and also not have to hold my hand over my forehead all day because shhhhh everything's soooo loudddd. It's nice to be able to use a real pillow again, ya know? Jeeze.

Maddox would appreciate some help in getting that bell that torments him.


chelsea said...

ya know, ya know...suck it lady! not my fault my childhood was absolute SHIT!!!! I am trying, just some of the traditions you've done are a little odd to me, and i had a mere brain fart on the whole presents from santa thing..geez ah haha...and yes i totally heart you come can't get enough of the miss your addicting...ah haha

YogaNana said...

Um, when I was a kid I thought the elves built all the toys -- even tricycles and things like that. (Yes, this was back before Big Wheels .. just regular red tricycles.)

Cute picture! It warms the old Mama Heart to see all of you doing your Christmas stuff. Wish I could be everywhere.

Jenna said...

That picture is so darling! It should be the cover of a Christmas card!