Tuesday, December 25, 2007

81? 81.

I'm about to go bum rush the babies. Doing that whole "Woo!!! It's Christmas!!! Wake up!!! Wake up!!!!" thing that I oh so love to do. Last night I decided I wasn't really excited about Christmas morning because ya know..it's not like there's really anything under the tree for me. A couple of things from my mom..and then the movies O got me (I originally wanted a bunch of stuff from Victoria's Secret..but you can't get on those websites out there. They treat it like it's porn or something. So he looked at my Amazon wish list instead)..and I wrapped myself. I don't know why I even do that. I guess maybe because they're intended for Christmas. I even tried my hardest to fake Orion's handwriting on the little label. :(

But this morning..I'm excited again. Not for me..I'm not a child anymore (uh..though I still feel 12 most days). I'm excited for my very own children. And while they don't fully understand this Christmas thing yet (Calix feels weird about opening presents. Normally his mommy tells him not to rip things up. So he kinda pulls at the paper and looks at me for approval.), I can't wait for them to see all of the rad rad things under the tree. That same old Christmas morning excitement that I get every single year is back. My heart is racing just a tad. I have those morning shakes going on..like it were cold or something (which it's totally not.)..and I'm just ready to go bum rush the kids.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I'll post pictures later!

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tamara said...

merry christmas abbo!!! how'd it go with the kids? i want pics.