Monday, December 24, 2007

81? 82? I think I've gotten ahead of myself..

My mom requested color photos. I do love me some black and white though. These were taken about 20 minutes ago haha. Ah, tis the season to torture your young.

Bell! I's got you, bell! You can't escape the Maddox grasp!

I told you I love black and white..I just..I can't *not* do b/w photos. It's this sick fixation with me.

...Calix is excited. He knows Santa's coming tonight and he's like "ahhh!!!!" and Maddox is like "um..what's wrong with you, big brudder?"

awwww the love.. the LOVE!

trying to put the hat on Maddox..

"I don't get it..why won't it work??"

The mini Delgado children wish you a Merry Christmas.

...City slickers.

I had to!!


Hilary said...

lol the pure frustration on Calix's face is priceless!

Merry Christmas, Abby!!!

Hannah said...

What's so extremely precious is that Calix is a baby Orion and Maddox is a baby Abby. It's like you and Orion are babies sharing a Christmas together.

YogaNana said...

Once more: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Raelene said...

We also love the color pictures. Can't believe how big the boys are already. They are absolutely adorable. Have a Merry Christmas!
Dad and Raelene

chelsea said...

I friggin' love that pic of calix confused with the santa hat...friggin' priceless...i'm so kissin' the crap outta his face tomorrow, just to ya know torture, cuz its what i do best...ah haha

Cristina said...

I swear your boys are the most beautiful kids ever. So cute.

Merry Christmas!