Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day 258

It's so easy for me to not go all out for holidays when O's not here. Especially the ones I'm only kind of into.

This year? I didn't put up any of our Halloween decorations. I had a witch hanger thing on the door..but that's it. No skull jack-o-lanterns..nothing. It's hard for me to get into holidays like that when the person who makes them fun for me? Isn't here. It also makes it easier to be so lax when the babies aren't really old enough to understand what's going on. I feel bad about it, I do. But, they still got dressed did I (after a couple of blocks my hooker heels were hurting so much I ended up walking around in stockinged feet for a while..which brought on stupid comments by teenagers walking behind me "oh my gosh..look at her. She's not even wearing any shoes" to which I'd mumble "they're in the stroller." like I even owed them an explanation.) and we still went out trick-or-treating. Kind of. I think I took the boys up to like 4 houses before deciding that a double stroller..stockinged feet and a lack of enthusiasm..doesn't a merry time make. I reasoned that ya know.. I'm not big on Calix eating candy..and if he wants some? Ever? I bought way more than I'd ever like..he can get it at home.

I had enough candy to fill 3 big bowls. How much did we actually go through? Not even an entire bowl. I blame the lack of decorations this year (last year we were *swamped* with trick-or-treaters)..and the fact that I just left the bowl of candy outside because we were going to be gone (but I thought the rule here was that if you weren't going to be home you leave a bowl of candy outside. Because? No one was home. Pretty much everywhere. Which made it less fun.). Anyway, Orion and the guys have a crapload of candy coming to them..because please, I don't need that lying around.

Maddox's hat/headpiece thing kept turning he pretty much looked like a real hoot owl. While battling the shed spiders to get Calix's trick-or-treating bag..I realized Maddox doesn't have one. He hopes to have one next year.

While it may have been easy to just let Halloween slide..Christmas is coming..and it's my most favorite holiday ever. I won't be slacking.

Have I talked about how big Maddox's new top teeth are? Because they are. Big. He has Orion's mom's top teeth. Pulling a baby Letterman or something. It's pretty dreadful. He's still cute..but he's for sure got the chipmunk thing going on. So..that sucks.

Also..not this Monday..but ya know..the Monday after that..ya BIRTHDAY? Chelsea's kidnapping me and taking me to get the other part of my Scorpio tribute crotch tattoo done. She was all "hey, on your birthday..don't drink early on..and do your hair and make up and dress cute. Oh..and remember to shave." "why..?" "just do it" "where are you taking me? Ooo ooo!! Is Orion coming home??" "no.." "oh. Well, what else would I need to not be drunk for..and also..shaved for?'re getting me tattooed aren't you?!?" "why would you say that?" "because alcohol makes you bleed're getting my scorpion done!"

So..that'll be good. I'd like to do dogtags at some point, I think. Maybe have the chain wrapped around my ankle and have the tags themselves look like they're dangling down to my foot. Maybe have my babies' names and birthdays written on them (my babies are my babies always so ya know..) and the dogtags themselves be a lil something for Orion. Still just a thought though.

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chelsea said...

you totally gotta do that foot one, that will look so freaken cute...i can't wait...the foot is well.....*thinking*'s all good, pain is only fear leaving the