Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 254

One of my most favorite things to do is to dance in cars. While driving..but this works the best as a passenger. I like to try to get the attention of other cars..to see if they'll play along and have a kind of..dance-off with me.

It's been a few years since I've actually done this, I think (man oh man..truckers used to get a big ol kick out of me haha)..but today? Today was the day.

I hopped a ride with Chelsea to the gym this morning because what with tomorrow being payday..I was just about out of gas. On the way home, there was this guy in a big ol red truck driving alongside us. The music was blasting..my energy level was up post workout style...so I rolled down my window and started nerdy dancing towards him. He jerked his head towards us..kind of like 'am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?'..and I keep dancing. He laughs..we laugh..we drive off.

I then said "I wonder if he'll play along.." and here he comes up alongside us again..we look out at him..and he's doing a bad version of the cabbage patch. I badly danced back at him a few more times..and collected the laughter.


I'll also bet a few more of my siblings would do..or actually DO do the very same thing. I heart my family like whoah.

Tomorrow's Halloween, ya'll!! Who's excited?? Who's dressing up? I'm going as a witch. In a reallllyyyyy bad costume (it looked friggin cuter on the website. whateva..I'll rock it).


Jenna said...

Abby, you're so cute. I'll bet you totally made that guy's day. I would dance with ya, girl.

Hilary said...

I'd dance with ya!

And I'm dressing up! I'm pirate whore; very classy ya know. It looked waaay better on ebay. The sizing chart was way off so it's a bit small, but I'm working with what I got here.

Hope you and the boys have fun tonight!

OH, and I totally decked out my porch with Halloween decorations; you would be so proud of me!

Hannah said...

Hehehe Abby's got the dance fever!! Love it!

Cher said...

LOL I soo get this! My kids get totally embarrassed when I do stuff like this in the car. Better yet, when I find POP ROCKS in the candy isle and do my POP ROCKS DANCE.. omg.. but hey.. if ya can't have fun in life.. why live it, right?

hotmamabeads said...

Hey, I'm just blog hopping but I had to comment 'cuz I just can't lurk - that'd be rude! I got here through my sis Crazymamaof6, and her new friend Sarah, and had to come check out your site because I love the name - That's what I'm doing all the time!! (good, bad, and ugly). What a cutie your hubby is and you look gorgeous in that pic, I bet he was thrilled to see you! Have a great day.

YogaNana said...

Um, this is genetic, also. :o)

Is that TMI?