Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day 261

This was about a week ago..but I'm still proud. Proud because ohmygoshmychildcan'tdrinkoutofastrawandhe's2
and ohmyfreakinggoshheneedsmorehelpthanIevercouldhaveimagined!

But he can! The day AFTER I'd told his doctor he has speech delays and no, he can't drink from a straw yet..guess who suddenly decided that yes, mom, I CAN drink from a straw? Yeah, him.

He also decided he'd be allergic to amoxicillin thus sending him to the ER for his horrible horrible peely almost bleedy rash going on on his bottom. Poor baby. They ended up taking way too long to even see us there (it was Sunday..otherwise I just would have gone to his doctor)..and he decided that no, it doesn't hurt anymore and OO! Let's fake stick our fingers in sockets and also pretend to take all of the flyers out of their holders just to irritate our mommy and make her feel like she can't take us anywhere!

I'd finally had enough of him flipping himself over the chairs in the waiting room and pushing random wheelchairs around. No way in heckles do I want THAT child. So..I took him home. Been smearing him with Desitin..and obviously stopped using the meds. An ER doctor called yesterday morning to see how he was doing anyway and suggested a few things..which I already knew (stop using the amox. use lots of desitin. call his doctor and have him prescribe something a bit more mild because month and a half long sinus infection won't go away when using nothing). So..that was nice. Ya know, of them to call.

Maddox refuses to crawl. He's been getting up on all fours and doing the rocking back and forth thing since he was 5 months old. He's almost 9 months old, people. 9 MONTHS! Come on, Maddox..even your preemie brother was crawling at your age and he was 2 months behind on everything! He's just lazy. So..maybe he won't even crawl? Maybe he just wants to walk around like everyone else in his life (except his woman, Briana. He likes to know she's where he left her last.)? Either way, I'm super determined that this? Will be the week. Crawl or walk, buddy. Crawl or walk. Shoot..if you can just get to where you're pulling yourself up to standing..I'll be happy with that. But no more will I come move you away from the chaos when you're upset! No more! You move yourself if they bother you.

..Okay..maybe mommy will still rescue you from the big people. But that's only because you're my sweet sweet boy.


Jenna said...

Oh, and if it makes you feel better...Conor is almost 15 months and says NOTHING. Not even ma-ma. He can make the da-da sound, but doesn't use it in reference to his dad. He just points and says "uh-uh-uh". Or "ah-ah-ah" (he does have a few different vowel sounds). But nothing! He understands most everything we say to him, but no words yet!

Jenna said...

Okay, woops...don't comment with baby on your lap. Should know that by now... Anyway...maybe a food allergy for Calix? I've had friends whose children had food allergies that showed up as persistent sinus infections. Maybe gluten or dairy?

And sooner or later, Maddox will crawl. It's a vital step to brain development, don't know why. But he will!

And they're both so darn cute!

Abby said...

I can ask about the food allergy thing. It just seems that when he got that daycare cold right before his birthday..that's when it started. the cold went away..the sinus infection stayed. Lots of the kids in the daycare have that whole sinus thing going on so I wonder if it's something that's just going around and sticking with everyone (because ya know..no more meds for infants anymore)? I'll for sure ask his doctor though!

Sarah said...

Vaseline is the best...in my opinion....for diaper rash. I never had luck w/desitin. It smelled really bad also. Vaseline is greasy and what not, but it totally works. I've also heard that pickle juice works for diaper rash. Not sure how to go about applying it, but it sounded like a miracle type dealio. Just wanted to pass on a few other tips/suggestions. Take em or leave em, either way...good luck.

YogaNana said...

Ah, yes, diaper rash -- one of the forgotten joys of parenthood!

Some kids do skip right over crawling, but it's something they ought to do. Maybe if you get down there and play Wild Animal with him? (Of course you have to roar and all of that.) Or hold out a cracker or something he wants when he's up on all fours?

We watched the Calix movie last night -- Yay for straw-drinking!