Saturday, September 15, 2007

When I was little and couldn't sleep, my sister Amanda told me to think of something happy and it would help. I always thought about Disneyland. Not No, I've never been there..but as a child I could think of nowhere else being a happier place.

I thought about this a few nights ago as I was struggling for sleep and it made me smile.

I then started to count sheep. Literally. And it made me wonder if I'm the only one who actually sees them jumping over a fence one by one. I always figured that's how you're *supposed* to count sheep. It uses your eyeballs and makes them tired..or at least does for me.

So my question to all of you is..what's your happy thing (now or as a child) to help you fall asleep? Do you sometimes count sheep? Do you do it the way I do or do you have another way?


Κώστας said...

I am thinking the happy moments of the day.I imagine the perfect but unreal solutions for my problems. And with this I fall asleep.
Hallo From Greece!
Have a nice day.

YogaNana said...

Somehow I could never get sleepy counting sheep when I was young, and now I think it would just make me want to get up and knit.

I imagine creating a safe remote house in the woods, a place built of earth (rather like a hobbit house, actually). Simple on the outside but (just like magic!) spacious on the inside. It has a greenhouse on the back and a glassed-in place for the cats to go outside *without* going outside where the mountain lions and owls could get them. We stock it well, food and music and movies and games -- and yarn -- and then my kids and their families come one by one and build their own places around it, and then some of my dearest friends come, also. Depending on how bad the insomnia is that night we may develop a whole little hidden community in the woods.

Oh, and at some point I raid the Denver Dumb Friends League for more cats and a few hairy dogs.

Jenna said...

When I was young, being the OCD child that I was, I did actually picture the sheep jumping over the fence in my mind, and even telling them to "slow down, at at a time.." and counting them. These days, I NEVER have trouble falling asleep!

When O gets home, you should come to Disneyland...and stay with me.