Friday, September 14, 2007

Once upon a time... when I was thirteen and shared a very small room in Mesa, Arizona with two of my sisters, I was looking under the bunkbeds for, I don't know, a shoe or something. I found a used rolled up maxi pad and immediately started screaming about how disgusting that is and whoever did it better clean it up. Being the younger and meeker of the pack, it was blamed on me instead. It wasn't me, I'd said. I didn't do it, I tried. Josiah called me disgusting and told me to clean it up.

I did clean it up. It was then assumed that because *I* cleaned it must have been me who did it. No, I cleaned it up because after a while it's like, ugh..fine, I'll do it.

I thought about this a few days ago..and ya know, it still gets my goat. Why does it get my goat?

Because I didn't even get my period till I was fifteen (and it was THEN that I hid all of the pads I'd used only to dispose of them in secret..for fear of being "found out". Look, getting your first period at 15 when you live with your oldest sister is embarrassing. Sorry, Jenna.). For 12 years, I kept the "blame". For 12 years, everyone..minus the real culprit, of course..thought it was me.

Just setting the record straight on this one. Bitches. Hahaha


Jenna said...

I remember you telling me this story. I can totally understand the need to set the record straight. I think the guilty one should step forward....and properly assume the blame and apologize to you! Maybe you should even get some sort of settlement for pain and suffering for all these years. You're funny.

Abby said...

They can just send me chocolate and we'll call it even. Hahaha

Hannah said...

I do not remember this but can pretty much GUARANTEE it wasn't me for reasons I don't care to discuss.

YogaNana said...

Let's assume it was one of the neighbors, maybe one of the girls from that huge family with the pervert father, and let it go at that, then.

Does that work? It might have been.

Abby said...

I'm not looking for anyone to fess up to it..because we all know that would never happen.

Abby said...

I'm really just clearing something up that was bothering me. I didn't want to ya know..die and have people still think I'm that girl..when I'm not. I don't really care who it was..because whatever..12 years ago.