Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day 209

Today's laundry day around here so while I'm waiting for my portion of clothing to dry before I drag the kids out with me to pick up formula (whoops..didn't realize we were so low!), I thought I'd sit down and write something small.

Orion's mother called yesterday and it's a good thing she did! My mother just can't do Halloween costumes this much as I'm sure she'd like to. And I know O's mom offered last year..but I mostly wasn't counting on it actually happening.

I wanted the boys to be cute little fuzzy animals of sorts because ya only have small children that you can dress up as sweet little animals for so long before they start with the zombies or whatever. She called to say she was making them but that it was a surprise. Nooo..please don't surprise me, mom D. Please. I need back up costumes just in case! It took a bit of prodding, but she'd finally told me she's making them owl costumes. AWWWWWW!!!! She said she'd found a duck costume pattern but that she's switching it up a bit to make them into owls. She sounds extra excited about that's good.

I'm glad she sews (not nearly as well as my own mother..not that I'm playing favorites here..hahaha) because I'd much rather have sweet homemade costumes for the kids than store bought ones. It's just cozier. I'm good at many things in life..but I haven't quite mastered sewing yet. Perhaps someday.

I will need to air the costumes out for a while when they get here, though.. as they'll reek of stale cigarette smoke.

So what are my options with 2 little owls? I a witch maybe? Or..a tree. Hahahaha can you just see me waddling down the street dressed as a friggin oak tree or something?? ahhh hahahahah. That's awesome.


YogaNana said...

I'm glad this is going to work out all the way around -- I know she wanted to do it last year. Hopefully by next year I'll have my life structured in some way (okay, *flowing* in some way) that will enable me to become Ol' Woman October again and start whipping out the costumes and pumpkin treat bags and who knows what else. heh heh heh (Ol' Woman October would, of course, cackle.)

And you should definitely go as an Oak.

Jenna said...

So, maybe someone can help me? All our big kids are with "other" parent this year, so all we have is Conor. We didn't dress him up last year because he was so small, but does anyone have a hand-me-down Mom costume that would fit him? He's a very small 13 month old. Anything fuzzy and cute that could be passed down? I've gotten rid of all of my old costumes...

Friglet said...

How cute! I can't wait to see pictures!