Thursday, September 13, 2007

Day 207

This lady cracks me up. Oh, and by the way..nothing feels better than when you're told they can't calculate your bra size. Totally. We'll see who can't calculate what when I get my implants, lady! Yeah..recognize!

Awww..Maddox is 7 months old today!

Is getting too cool to take pictures with his mom. Whatever, Maddox..whatever. Ps..your mom's hair is gangsta in the morning.

Calix found Orion's hat in the car and wanted to wear it.

Holy crap,'re your father like whoah.

Seriously though..nothing much has been going on around here. We run errands..we play..and that's pretty much it. I took a few days to figure some things out about myself. The whole thing kind of felt weird because ew..I'm questioning myself and how I act..and ya know, I like me. For the most part. And I get that not everyone's going to like me because hey, I don't like everyone. It happens.

Listen, no one is forcing anyone to sit and read my blog. Everyone comes here by their own free will. My thoughts are random. My issues are confusing sometimes. I write to figure myself out. If any part of the way I "write" bothers anyone..go away. Stop reading. Shoo!

Everyone else may stay and partake in the many Caramello bars I have in the fridge.

Oh oh! I bought the stuff for Calix's birthday cake today. Now.. I stood staring at cake mixes ('s how I roll. don't judge.) for a good long time..while some extra white trash was standing next to me doing the same thing..but that's a different story. The bottom cake is just going to be a simple white cake with fudge frosting and a chocolate center. Or uh..something. Then the top cake is going to be carrot cake with a cheesecake center and cream cheese frosting. Blue, of course..ya know, as per design. I don't know.. I did it this way so maybe the 10 thousand people that are going to be at Calix's b'day party will be happy? Maybe? I'm open for more suggestions.


YogaNana said...

Nana might just possibly save all her sugar for one day and have, oh, just a *sliver,* you know, of anything in the world with both carrot came a cheesecake. :o)

YogaNana said...

carrot cake

Nana can't type. But you knew that.

Jenna said...

The boys are getting so big!

And I know how that funny lady feels....getting my first bra fitting (about 5 years ago) totally changed my life too!

Hilary said...

mmm cake... Char is making my wedding cake! I wish you could be there with us :( It won't be the same without you!!

Abby said...

I totally wish I could be there too, Beanie! The day is just getting closer and closer!!! Yay!!! I'm so excited for you! Ya'll will just have to take lots and lots of pictures to help me feel like I was actually there with you!

Anonymous said...

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