Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 204

Ah, yes..I have a child who moves furniture around. I heard some rustling around..but not that. That sneaky little guy! Also? Am tired of him dumping toys in the hallway. Like how when I ask him to put it back, he takes the burp rag he'd taken from Maddox's crib and shoved it back in? Silly guy.

So, Orion's grandmother and grandfather come over today after a doctor's appointment here on post. She, of course, requested coffee when she came through the door..but I was a step ahead of her. I'd set it all up beforehand and as soon as I saw them drive into the parking lot, I flipped the brew switch. We sat and talked for a of the very very first things she brought up was gettin all up in my business about what's going on in my mouth even though I'd already told her it was a very sensitive topic for me and extremely embarrassing so could we please not talk about specifics? I got through it though. I started tearing up at first because COME ONNNN I soooo don't want to talk about this with my husband's grandmother especially since I'd already asked in that e-mail that we not speak about it. I don't mind bringing up that I need to go to the dentist. I don't mind saying I need a lot of work done. But when someone wants SPECIFICS because they don't believe your mouth is in as bad shape as you make it out to's just a bit much for me..ya know, I'm not close with this woman at all. So.. I told them. I got into detail about it all and the looks of horror on their faces were just fantastic. I don't know, just someday I'd like to be able to smile super big and throw my head back laughing as hard as I feel in my heart without being so ashamed.

She couldn't get over how big Maddox is getting and how adorable both kids are..and that they're total opposites (blue vs brown eyes, blonde vs brown hair, pale vs olive skin, calm vs crazy..). But ya know..if you came around more often,'d know these things. Just sayin. The visit went fairly well and wasn't worth the huge stress pimple I received last night because of it. She e-mailed me when she got home and said how glad she is that we live so close by. sweet. Delayed..but sweet. Hahaha

Anyway, Calix has been all about penises lately. He points to his and grabs it and all of that and ya know, I don't want my children growing up to be ashamed of their bodies. I don't want to make such a big deal out of it all because whatever, everyone has parts..some are just bigger than others. Haha. He has this barking dog..and he grabs the tail and says "peni!" "no, baby..that's his tail" and he points to Maddox when he's getting his diaper changed..or in the tub and says "peepee??" "Yes, sweetheart..that's your brother's penis. But don't go around poking it. You wouldn't want him to go around poking you like that, huh?". It's so very awkward for me, really haha.. but again..I don't want it to be this..dirty thing..because it's not. And I know he's not even 2 yet..but the kid is major fascinated. Hey ya know, be proud of your body, young man. You'll have it for the rest of your life.

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Crystal said...

It looks to me like Calix is trying to kick his brother out of the room!