Sunday, September 02, 2007

Day 196 (the official halfway point!!!)

Dear children of mine,

First of all, I love you. I love the everliving daylights out of both of you. You have the ability to crack your mom up and make her want to pull out all of her hair. You are truly two of the very best things that have ever ever happened to your mom and make her not regret telling your daddy "but it's Valentine's Day!" and ending up with you, Calix. The two of you have changed your mama in some of the best ways imaginable and I love you very very much for it.

So, I have this idea. Can the two of you change your current poopy diaper schedules? It would mean the world to your poor, sweet, tired mother. Calix, you're currently on the "anytime it's supposed to be naptime" schedule. This means that regardless of whether I put you in bed at 11am or 1pm, you refuse to fall asleep because you have, of course, soiled yourself. You scream. Mommy comes in to change you. You decide it's awake time and 'hey! let's play!'. No. Take a nap. Maddox, your current schedule seems to be right after you've had your 5:45am feeding and are back in your warm snuggly bed with your fishies singing for you and your mother is just at the comfortable point of falling asleep. You scream. I come in and get you, a diaper, and the wipes and head back to my room before you wake up your big brother. You then think it's playtime. No,'s not even 6 in the's not playtime. You wait until mommy is wide awake and it's 6:50 (your brother wakes up a little after 7) and then you go and pull something like this:

Yes, Maddox..that's you asleep on your mother's shoulder while she's catching up on blogs. As soon as mommy puts you down on her bed to rest..your big brother is up and yelling for breakfast.

I love you guys. You make me feel crazy and I love you for it. But really, is it so much trouble to let me sleep ever?

Think it over.


Your very own mama

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