Saturday, September 01, 2007

Day 195

I do stupid half-minded things sometimes. Like today? I took the boys on a random Walmart trip because ya know..why not? I needed to get a few more things for Orion's care package (feel like sending him one? Ask me for the address and I'll give it to ya! ...but only if I know you) and wandering just sounded like fun.

Hey, remind me not to feel like wandering around any kind of store nearby right before a holiday and right after payday. When I say I parked in the very last row and also in about the 7th to last parking spot, I'm serious.

So, we're wandering.. I'm doing face pushings with Calix (something O does when he's home..I guess to show he's Alpha Male. It's very..Lion and cub if you ask me. Ya know..when you push his face gently and say "face pusshiinngggg" it cracks him up) and we end up in the curtain aisle. Saaayyy.. I need curtains. Found a set that match in color (ooo look out! I'm the *daring* one! go me and beige!) the sad ones I already have hung in the dining room. They're cute. They're $20 for the pair. They say they're "84 in by 84 in" which is awesome.. and I'm thinking "say, 168 inches is a bit more than I need for that window..but scrunching's a good time." and head off to the registers with a new clock (What is it with me and clocks lately? Ask ebay how often I browse them. Mmmm..ebbbaaayyyyy), a new shower caddy, curtains and other small random things for the care package.

I struggle to get the boys in bed as Maddox loves to roll over to watch the fishy lights swim all over the ceiling and then by the time the music and lights stop, he's angry because he's on his back and "waaahhhhhhhhh!!! Mommy come help me!!!!" and Calix is standing up in bed (but when I walk in, he drops down like he was sleeping the whole time. we know better because we are mom.) shouting and not making things any better..and in between going upstairs to flip Maddox over and scold Calix to "shhh!! It's night night time! Lay down and go to sleep!" I'm ironing curtains to hang. I notice they're um.. not 84 inches each..but 84 inches *combined*. Those packaging bastards! They're not 84 inches long why, may I ask you..would they choose to combine the width and not the length? I'll tell you why.. I'll tell you why!!!

Because they're jerks who love to see a very tired mom struggle in life! They think they're being funny! They want to watch me on their parking lot cameras park the car and strap a very heavy 6 1/2 month old to my chest and hold onto a 2 year old's grubby hand while dragging them inside to scoop the 2 year old up by one arm into a shopping cart and grumble my way through the store with a screaming child who refuses to nap and a teething infant who's drooling all over my chest to spend another $20 on another pair of curtains..of which I only *need* one of. Only to load both of said children BACK into the car to drive the block and a half home and to go through the very same sweaty crappy night that I went through tonight! That's why!!

Eff you, corporate, eff you!!!

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