Monday, August 06, 2007

Guess what I found on Ebay?

This will mostly only be funny to the family members who read my blog:

I was looking for piggy banks for the boys..and I totally stumbled upon (what looks like) the EXACT piggy bank my dad had (mom, wasn't it actually yours at some point?) while we were growing up. This is funny because ALL of us would take money from it..the majority of us thinking we were the only ones snatching quarters and other random change. So when dad would yell "You filthy animals!!" or whatever else..we were each secretly scared that he would figure out it was one of us and ya know..beat us with "leather weather" (maybe I'm the only one who was afraid of that thing). But for my 16th birthday, a large chunk of the kids were sitting around sharing stories (as we usually do when we're all together)..and it came out that "I was taking from that too!" and on and on and on it went.

So..when I saw the same bank..I had a little chuckle to myself.

Next time..maybe I'll put a picture of a manila envelope up and call it "the bank of mom" and tell ya how many of us were taking from that one. was our money anyway (we each had our separate white envelopes inside) and under the mattress is a crappy hiding spot.

Just sayin.


YogaNana said...

Actually the pig was mine. My mother bought two of them, one for me and one for Amy, when I was about 9 or so. As I recall, it had a glop of blue paint on it from once when my parents painted the living room.

And I knew about the Bank of Mom. I just kept telling myself it wasn't happening, not MY children! :o)

But do you have The House Faery???

Abby said...

nah, the kids are still too young for that one..but you bess be believin she'll turn up around here!

Hannah said...

Well shoot!! I never took money from either Mom or Dad. I also knew there was such thing as the Bank of Mom but I had no idea it was actual thing with actual money in it.

I feel jipped.

Jenna said...

You have to buy that pig! Too funny! I never knew about the Bank of Mom, though!

Abby said...

Han, you never gave mom money to put in the bank of mom? I think it might have only been me, amanda, and micah who took from that one, though.

and Jenna, I think that mom bank opened a bit after you got married and ditched us all. hahaha

Hannah said...

Well yeah I did, but sadly, I just figured Mom and Dad spent it for bills or food or whatever. Sorry Mom.

YogaNana said...

We bought bread and milk with it once, but I think I put the money back later.

Times were hard, guys. :o)