Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Day 170

Calix is sick. Sorry, buddy. Mommy's fault yet again.

He spent a lot of time in the playpen with his stuffed animals today. He kept asking. What am I going to say? "No, you can't play in there! You'd be out of mommy's way! Please let me trip over you some more!"?? Shoot..go for it, kiddo.

Anyway. I'm not quite sure what to do. See.. I have these babies..but I also *need* a lot of dental work done like..a.s.a.p..and I've been trying to put it off until O comes home..but I don't know that I can anymore. I can't bring them with me..and it's not really something I can drop them off in daycare for..ya know..if I'd enrolled them. It won't be like..cleanings...it will be hardcore dental work that mommy will hopefully be all kinds of drugged up for. Grams can't because she said she can't even lift the kids up right now. She and grandpa have been in and out of the hospital and doctor's offices like whoah lately (grandpa's like..dying.) so ya know..she's just not an option. I don't know what to do. I was thinking about maybe one of my beautiful sisters coming out to help for a bit..but I doubt that's even do-able. But I'm starting to wonder..and maybe even get paranoid about.. some of my other body issues and things of the such..being the result of everything horrible going on in my mouth. It all just..well.. it *has* to be taken care of.

That's really all that's been on my mind today. I ache to be able to fully smile. Smile the way I *want* to smile. The entire topic is just embarrassing for me..but at some point ya know..it is what it is. :(

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Hannah said...

I'm not sure how much "work" you need to get done Abbers but I just finished with all of my dental work a few months ago. I had A LOT of work that needed to be done. It took 4 months of coming in every week or every other week to get it all finished (and I still have 3 wisdom teeth that need to be pulled). I don't think having 1 of us come up there is the greatest idea. More than likely all they'll do on your first visit is figure out the gameplan so to speak. Not that I wouldn't love to come. We can't afford it right now and Ash starts school tomorrow. Does the base offer childcare?