Sunday, August 05, 2007

Day 168 Also? When Abby was in Egypt's lannndddd...let my Abby goooooooooooo

I'm dying. I'm friggin dying! It's like this:

Me knocking on death's door: *knock knock*

Death: Who issss itttttt???

Me: it's me, yo.

Death: you're going to have to come back later

Me: stop messin around and just let me in

Death: nope. haven't suffered enough yet

That's pretty much what it's like, yeah. I'm so disgustingly sick. I think it's about time I go get that cyst removed from my sinuses because today was so entire left sinus cavity was itchy..along with my drooling left eye...and it even had a small effect on just the left side of my teeth and gums. Until I finally found a box of Comtrex and popped a couple and 2000 MGs of Vitamin C. Mmmm..relief. So that..a sore throat..achy body and an all around crappy feel made for a not so fun day.

But just gets better. As it usually does. Guess who crapped his pants so hard that it was leaking out of his diaper while mommy was comatose...but mommy was too stuffed up to smell anything and then guess who climbed up onto the couch and rubbed his butt all over the blanket..and a sleeping mommy. Go on..guess. I didn't even know. My vision was all crapped out on me anyway so when I woke up I didn't really see anything. I then went to rescue Maddox from his crib and brought the boys back downstairs..then Calix climbed back up to cuddle..and THAT'S when I saw it. It was *EVERYWHERE*. Got him cleaned up..and then went back down to cuddle under the blanket. Ah, that's when I saw the other mess. Yeah. Not a big mess..but(t) smears and just general grodiness..and then I looked down at my own shirt..and yeah. There was more. So gross.

I then did what any other normal person would do. I put the soiled messes into the washing machine and hit "start". Orion's mom then called and after about 10 minutes, I started to hear weird sounds coming from the kitchen. The sinks were backing up and the washing machine was leaking, too. OMG..NO! I told her I had to go and call maintenance. I mopped up all the water that I could get to what with the drippy nose n all...and then the guy showed up. He found like random stuff. Baby wipes(???) paper towels (?????) and even a tampon (GROSS!) I, for one, haven't used tampons since before I got pregnant with Maddox because I just haven't felt comfortable with the idea of them yet. wipes and paper towels? What?? I don't know who the weirdo is around here, but I don't tend to walk down the hall to the bathroom to flush wipes. I tend to just stick them in the diaper and wrap the whole thing up then toss it in the diaper pail. I just..I don't even know.

Anyway..the problem got fixed..the kids are in bed..and I asked O not to call tonight because I really needed to be in bed by 9. So here I go to finish reading Running with Scissors and then perhaps start A Tree Grows in Brooklyn before I pass out in all my stuffy glory.

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