Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 192

You can file this under "Awww" or "hahaha!!" because really, awwwww and hahahah!!

After I brought Calix down from his nap, I looked in on Maddox in the playpen and well, he was making out with the netting again. I just feels good..or different..on his little mouth but there's seriously nothing funnier than walking in and seeing it go down. The video camera was upstairs so I just snapped a couple with the cellphone.

I wish you could see the drool that filled all of those netting holes! Silly boy!!

Look at how pink it is around his mouth! He was havin a good time! hahaha

In other news.. I like passed out after dinner tonight. I guess the exhaustion thing finally got to me (sleeping roughly 4 1/2 - 5 hours a night for the past week or so) and after Maddox was in bed for the night (he mostly passes out an hour before Calix goes to Maddox enough time to get into a deep sleep while also giving Calix a bit of just him and mommy time), I came into my room and just fell onto the bed and couldn't get myself to get back up for the next hour that Calix was still awake. I didn't feel *so* bad about it though because he follows me everywhere and doesn't go anywhere until I do. So he sat on the floor in my room playing with toys and periodically climbed up to poke me or get so close to my face that our noses were touching and I could feel his hot little boy breath and then he'd start giggling and I'd crack a smile. He gave me a stuffed animal of his to cuddle with..but then changed his mind and decided he liked that one too much and switched them out.

I'm a half this is how I know all of this. If my kid is still awake and I need to rest my eyes..I half sleep. I'll still hear everything that's going on and though my eyes are closed, I'll still know what he's doing. When he gets too quiet, I open to take a peek to make sure he's not getting into trouble..but yeah, that's mostly how I survived those first few weeks after Orion left and I had this new new baby who kept me up *all* night and a toddler who wanted to play throughout the day.

Mommy gets super exhausted from time to time. It happens.

PS.. I've also pretty much only talked to Orion for about 30 minutes total in this last week. He went back to where his guys are to replace someone..or switch out for now.. and the guy had made a huge huge mess of *everything* so Orion has been spending the majority of his time (and our talk time) cleaning up after this guy. And while I can't be mad at him for *doing* his job, I'm frustrated because UGHHHHHH I just wanna talk to my husband! So, I guess we'll see if he'll actually get the chance to call tonight. He gets another 45 minute window before I have to have to have to call it a night and go on about my day tomorrow with the hope that he'll call tomorrow night and we'll get to talk for those 15 minutes (where he used to be, we would be on the phone for 1-2 hours at a time..twice a day. I got spoiled and now going days without hearing from him and then only getting to talk for 15 minutes is fairly sucky because not everything gets said) before he has to give up the phone to the next person in line. And there's *always* a long line.

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YogaNana said...

I used to be able to half-sleep, too, but I've lost the knack. :o)