Tuesday, August 28, 2007


They love to roll around in my bed before it's made..and ya know, I'm fine with that. I think it's kind of cozy. It's better than them rolling around on it after it's been made, ya know?


LOVE THEM!!! Notice I gave Calix a haircut last night? Hahah..he's SO charming! Also? Makes me miss his daddy even more than I already do..because holy crap, son.. spittin image.. spittin image!

I never really update about what new words Calix can say or the cute new things he does. Here are a couple:

He says "french fry" only it comes out "bench by?" like when he's asking for one (not that he eats them often..but bad mommy had Wendy's for lunch yesterday because I hadn't had fast food in a lonnnggg time and on the way home, he kept asking for fries).

He also says "rubber band" only it comes out "bubber ban?"..he likes to wear mommy's rubber bands on his arms like bracelets.

He's been blowing kisses for a while now (he blows a kiss to his daddy's picture every night before he goes to bed and tells him he loves him "luh oo!") but now he can actually make the little lip smacking pucker up type kiss sounds (I tend to give air kisses throughout the day while he's playing "Calix! Muah!!" and so he's started copying).

I can't believe my little man is a month shy of turning 2! Noooooo!!!! I mean, yes.. I want you to grow up like everyone else but noooooooooooooooo..stop being all quick about it! Stay little!! Let mommy snuggle you a bit longer!!!

I guess it's breakfast time around here.


Hannah said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Look at those eyes!! I seriously want to take a huge bite out of both of your kids. They are just too yummy looking.

Peggy said...

You have beautiful children. They grow up too fast, don't they?

Hilary said...

I wanna come to Calix's birthday party!! I'm oodles of fun, I swear! hahaha

Abby said...

haha beans, you'll be busy getting married!! Awww..beanie's going to be a Mrs!

Friglet said...

OMG, they are so cute! Snuggling on mom's bed in the morning is heaven when they're little. Enjoy it while you can. Needless to say, my kids don't do that anymore. ;)