Thursday, August 30, 2007

Payday is the grandest and most tiring day ever

Man oh was a busy one.

Went to 2 furniture stores. One down the street..the other about an hour away. And in the 2nd one, I finally gave in and bought some of the living room furniture. They discontinued the set I'd previously picked out (but oh my gossshhhhh the super cute cottage type stuff they had in! Wouldn't work well with kids though..and that makes me sad in the pants.) It'll be delivered on Wednesday. Woot!

Came home had lunch and tried up until about 3:30 to get Calix to take a nap..he slept for about 45 minutes or so before I had to had to had to wake him and Maddox up because we still had more errands to run.

Picked up diapers for home and daycare..wipes for home and daycare (I'm not sure they actually NEED me to bring wipes..but I bought them just in case). New bottles for daycare. Found some cute giraffe jammies for Calix..didn't have them in Maddox's size. Was bummed they won't match. And of course, chocolate for me because I love it very very much. Calix screamed and cried when we had to leave that store because there were babies everywhere (posters..actual babies..ya know..*everywhere*) and he wasn't done pointing them out! "Beebee!! Beebee!!". Oh, to be a month shy of 2 and devastated.

Loaded the boys back up into the car (for the 6th time..just loading mind you) and went down the block to pick up non-sandals for Calix..for daycare (of course! No registration fee..but this and this and this and this and this. Ah, the catch.). I guess every kid in America right now wears a toddler 7 because NO ONE had any friggin 7's..and the ones that were there were just dreadful. Calix fell in love with one of those bead table type toys and threw the *biggest* public fit I've ever seen come out of him when it came time to leave. It pretty much sounded like I was kidnapping him, I'm sure. Ah, the joys!

Saw Sherry and her mom in the parking lot and stopped to say hello. Calix screamed when it was time for us to head home because he just loves her so.

That's the LAST time I'm going anywhere with an exhausted grumpy child! No thank you to the stares. Let's leave those for someone else.

Got home around 5:30 and hadn't even thought about dinner so it was a quick call to Egg Roll House and within a half hour, Calix was scarfing down rice and sesame chicken. 3 helpings of, actually. We played, he helped me clean up his toys..we read stories..had bath time and then?

Jamma, jamma, jamma, jamma P.J!

The kids are in bed.. I'm waiting for the darling husband to call and then I'm callin it a night.

I will say though, that either next Tuesday or Wednesday night will be pretty funny. Ya know, watching me shove that stupid couch out of our house and pushing/dragging it allllll the way down to the end of the street to be picked up..or scavenged.

Tomorrow? Ughhhh grocery shopping. NOOOO!!!!!!!!


Hilary said...

funny you should mention grocery shopping...

check this out:

LOL... and then go check out her blog here:

Her writing reminds me a lot of yours! You should SOOO write a book! I bet you'd outsell her!

Abby said...

AH, the Because I Said So blog! I've read her stuff before and yeah, she totally cracks me up. The ebay item has got to be the best ever hahaha. And I'd hardly outsell her..she has one of those wonderful and funny ways of writing. I'm just blah hahaha. But you're cute!

hilary said...

nooo you're not blah! and I still say you should write a book! i'd buy it haha