Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 186

Hey, happy birthday, blogger!

The boys got registered for daycare today! First, I'd gone off post to the ATM right outside the gate to get the $40 for registration fees and saw it was out of order. Thanks for nothing, ATM. So we headed down towards the commissary to the bank ATM there (I don't know why I didn't just go there first. silly me!). I turned down the wrong street for One Stop. Hey, I've only been there once over a year ago.. you can't expect me to remember these little things. Ya the right street. Then I had the privilege of parking in the only spot left in the entire lot..right behind a super large truck that was also taking up about 1/3 of my parking the back end of my car was totally hanging out. Nice.

Calix's shoe came off while we were walking into the building (it happens from time to time. he plays with his sandals till they get loose. also..usually only happens when it's super hot outside and the concrete has maximum burning potential). Maddox's shoe was dangling by his little toes by the time we got down the stairs. Orion forgot to sign a bunch of the papers that I'd left for him to sign. They failed to tell me I needed to bring in the power of attorney (hi, my name is Orion. for now. haha) and a copy of his deployment orders.

But it gets a little better..assuming I could *find* said items and bring them back tomorrow, the registration fee would be waived.

My first thought was "so..I went to 2 ATMs for nothing?"

People should tell you these things! But..they're all signed up! After we got home, I started digging around in the only place I figured those papers could be..and 10 papers from the bottom..there they were. I bring those in tomorrow..and set up orientation for Monday and then BAM!!! I pawn the kids off on other people for small bits of time every week. I might be mistaken because I'm new to this whole.. having someone outside of family watch my babies (which totally terrifies me)..but they gave me these scan-able cards with each kid's name on it..and I think I need to have it scanned to get my kids out of there or something. I'm not entirely sure..I assume I'll find out on Monday. But geeze, way to make my kids seem like items you pick up at the commissary!

"I'll take one Calix and one Maddox to go, please"

But hey, I won't lie..if that *is* the case.. I can stop worrying about people trying to steal my babies.


Crystal said...

I'm an FCC provider, and I don't know what those scannable cards are, but the parents are told to give them to me.

See if they offer so many free hours of childcare to you since your husband is deployed also. I'm not sure how many it is here, but they also have free childcare Saturdays, it's for like 5 hours. It's hard to get a slot here though since 1/3 of the post is deployed.

Oh and I was going to tell you a while ago. Another positive about Ft Lewis, the gym on post has free childcare!

Abby said...

The card issue is weird..she told me to put them on my keychain and gave me an extra set for when O comes home to put on his keychain. So you're basically saying they're just for show? like..they have no real purpose?

Because O's deployed I get 7 hours of free daycare a week..which is rad. And if they do free saturdays here..that would be cool, too. O's battalion is the only one deployed right now. Or..that's what I've heard anyway.

YogaNana said...

Huzzah! Now not only can you go to the gym or shopping without little helpers -- you can get to the dentist! Yay!!!

Jenna said...

I'm proud of you, Abby! You need this, and life is about to get a whole lot easier for you. Just don't get addicted.... he he he

hilary said...

lol... its like they're library books and you need a library card to pick your kids up. sweeet!

i'm really really happy for you though! you deserve time alone for pedicures, and shopping, and massages, and working out, etc. Congrats!