Saturday, August 25, 2007


Today's a weird one for sure so far.

  • Calix insisted on getting up (not going back to sleep, rather) when Maddox woke up to eat at 5:30 this morning.
  • Has been skipping rope on my last tired nerve ever since
  • The neighbors down the way switched my trashcan with theirs. I don't understand this. It's the 2nd time someone has come up to my house and replaced my trashcan with the one they don't want. Which is weird because I was the very last one to retrieve it from the curb last week and this week, I took the very same one again. In fact, it's the same can we've had since we moved here..and people randomly take it.
  • But that's not the part that bothers me SO much. The part that gets me is they SEE where I keep my can..afterall, they took it. And yet? They put it under my kitchen window instead.
  • I just.. I don't get it. What is WRONG with people??? A trashcan is a freaking trashcan!!
  • Someone also needs to count their recycling bins (look in your shed!). I've gone about 5 months or so now..with 1. 1 because I'm too shy to just go up to someone's house and take it back. I think I recycle more stuff than the majority of people around here..and yet? I still only have 1 freaking bin. GIVE IT BACK!!!!! asshat.
  • I found a twig in my oatmeal this morning.
  • Attached to a peach.
  • It's not even 9 in the morning..and I already need a nap.

  • But mostly.. I just feel like crying. I'm exhausted and do NOT have the patience to deal with stupid crap today.


Sarah said...

Awww....Abby, I wish I could just come and rescue you! Or atleast ease some of your burdens. I've had days very similar, the difference being that my husband is nearby and can be my rescuer. I admire you for all that you put up with while still supporting your hubby on deployment. I can only imagine how difficult that must be! The longest Josiah's ever been away from us was actually last Sept/Oct when he had to go to Colorado for a week for some silly training for work. *That* was hard for me. I've been spoiled. You will be such a stronger person when all is said and done. Hang in there.

As far as the whole garbage/recycling bins....we had a big monsoon storm a few weeks ago which I was not home during, but it happened to be recycle day. My can was there when I left home in the morning and when I returned? MY CAN WAS GONE!!! It floated away! I waited a day or two, figuring there would probably be an extra sitting around somewhere, after all the neighbors took *their* can in, or maybe a *Found: Recycle Bin* sign would go up at the mail box clusters, w/a pic of it and all, but NO! We are without. I've been told that my neighbor across the street and 2-3 houses down ended up with an extra, but so far, I've been too shy to go and ask if I could adopt. I was thinking yesterday that I might try to bribe Josiah to go down there...*giggle*

Hannah said...

Hey here's an idea! Take advantage of that new fangled daycare and go do someting just for you!! Woo hoo! I vote yes

YogaNana said...

I vote 'yes,' too. Or drop the kids off and take a nap.

And then dress all in black and under cover of darkness slink down the street and steal back your trash cans.

Abby said...

I also thought about dropping the kids off as soon as I started to realize today was sucking. Thing is.. I can't drop them off until after we do orientation. And that's on Monday.

I just.. I don't get what it is with people. Why can't they just be honest and say "oh hey, I already have my 2 bins..perhaps this one belongs to someone else" or "hey ya know..whatever. a trashcan's a trashcan and maybe I should stop switching them out..especially when it's already back at her house".