Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day 185

So, I guess I can stop writing in pink now, huh? Kind of clashes a bit. But that color is my trademark! Back in the chatroom days..that's how you knew it was me! Hahaha. Beanie will get that..and maybe even giggle. it wrong to just get the sisters (and sister in laws) their own separate Christmas presents this year and then do like.. I don't know.. a gift card or something that's for the family as a whole? And then next year just do brother gifts or something? Because I don't know if you've noticed the size of my family lately..but I have 18 nieces and nephews..8 siblings...7 brother and sister in laws (or partners)..and 8 parent-ishes. Not to mention my own 2 children and my own husband. Plus? I already bought the sister know. Hahahaha.

Anyway. On with the pictures..and video!

Totally going in a frame.

He makes that "OOOO" face *all* the time. Like he's just so fascinated with everything he sees.


He wants to crawl..I just know it.

And for the non-formula part of dinner..Maddox tried applesauce for the very first time:

The faces he was making were *awesome* so naturally..being a mommy, I pulled out the video camera.

I took the section where Calix was throwing a mighty tantrum over what was for dinner out. I'm saving all of those clips for one big floor kicking..body throwing..wailing kind of a video. I basically sit there all calm and say stuff like "oh really? hmm..that sucks." because I don't encourage tantrum behavior one bit.

I hope you laugh as much as I did while filming because HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddox and his first applesauce! from xximojoangelxxi and Vimeo.


Hannah said...

Oh my gosh Abby!! I just about died laughing watching that!!! He's such a trooper though. Even though he doesn't like it he still opens his mouth to take he next bite. Cracked me right up.

Also, Bella had that exersise/ jumper/ plaything! Actually it's still on our patio.

I love the ooo face too. I just want to eat him up.

YogaNana said...

Too cute! And I remember the Ooooh face from his mom and aunts and uncles.

hilary said...

LMAO!!!! I'm sure my boss is sitting in his office saying to himself, "WTF is she laughing at in there?!" Ahh... *wipes away tears* ok, i'm ok now.

I love how he was excited right before he took a bite, and then when he realized what it was he got all sad. LMAO! *still cracking up*

oh, and i totally remember your signature pink font! and Micke's poop green! I had purple, right? I don't even remember!