Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Also.....'s bright and early..but I was up talking to O about all of the dental work that has got to be done on me (and for those of you outside the family who think I'm just gross and don't follow proper hygiene, you're wrong. The majority..if not all..of us just have really bad dental genes). Also.. let me clear something else up. I haven't been to a dentist sinnccceeee ummm.. about a week before I turned 19. That's when my coverage through my mother stopped. I didn't have insurance again until I was management at Van Heusen when I was 22..butttt.. I was also pregnant and couldn't get the major work I needed done..done. Then after I left that job, I didn't have insurance again until O went active with the army..but by the time we got here and settled in.. I got pregnant again roughly 2 months later. SO.. I've spent a chunk of time being pregnant and things only get worse when you are.

Anyway, so I was talking to Orion last night..and there's a good chance he can come home for a chunk of the work because I need *extensive* work. We're talking 4 root canals.. at least. At least 5 implants.. 3 crowns.. just.. a lot of work. And that's just assuming things aren't worse than I think..though I suspect they are. What I need to do first get one of those fancy check ups and set up a game plan and retrieve important letter from mr. dentist (or person (because there totally will be one. I can't imagine they'd send a husband home for a wife who has an abscess..and hi, I have 2..and not O home for this.) and send it over to the Red Cross and possibly even fax a copy over to O himself.. and just wait for him to come home. I think he gets a month or something along those lines to be here while I get work done.

SO.. let's assume I can manage to get grams..or maybe Orion's cousin or someone over here for a bit while I go get checked up (I wouldn't dream of sticking both kids with Sherry for this..because she has 2 of her own..and 4 kids..3 that get into everything..and 1 who just wants to just a lot) and set up plan of attack. It would be nice to have say.. Jenna come out for a week or 2 while I get things going..then maybe by then, O will be home to take over for a month.. and then maybe I can squeeze a visit or 2 in while Amanda's here in October. It doesn't have to be completely finished before O gets home..though if they can pull that one off.. how nice! But I do think that it all at least needs to get started. No.. not even I think. It has to get started.


Sarah said...

Hey Abby...I totally hear ya. That gene tends to run in my fam too. I've been getting dental work done over the past few months. Finally got a root canal finished up last week. Fortunately for me at the moment, I don't need any other root canals, but I have atleast 5 other cavities, a molar that had a root canal done before but was never crowned and now gets to be pulled, and all 4 wisdom teeth but I think they are only worried about getting 3 of them pulled. Josiah doesn't even want to go back after his last (first) appointment. Y'know, the one where they take the xray and tell you how bad your mouth is...I keep telling him he should or he'll end up looking like my dad (lots of missing teeth in front). I'm sure he loves to hear that. Hah! Anyway, I totally wish I could help ya out in some way. I have been fortunate enough that Josiah has been able to go in late to work when I've gone in. Just FedEx your kids to us. =D

hilary said...

I totally feel your pain! (literally!) I've had the same root canal done 4 times, and the damn thing STILL hurts sometimes! I finally gave in and had a crown put over it because I lost all hope that it would ever be fixed completely. There's a dentist I keep hearing about who can take care of everything u need done in 1 visit. You should come to CA and see this guy, and I can watch the kiddies! you can have your own room all to yourself and I will take care of you. it will be like those resorts rich people go to after plastic surgery on Dr 90210 lol