Saturday, August 04, 2007


I had an embarrassing moment yesterday. I was getting super antsy and just needed to get out of the house...and go to Michael's because I just knew they had some crafts waiting for me (I totally think I want to start scrapbooking. The Martha Stewart line at Michael's? Hot.) and I want to do more transportation type things in the little menion's room. Projects..Michael's..sounds like a great time for me.

Well, not so much. See, I started my period (I swear to you out of the 5 1/2 months Maddox has been on this friggin earth I've bled for a little more than 4 of them. I'm soooooooooooooo sick of this! Birth blood, periods, miscarriage, and yes, more periods. Can I hurry up and go through menopause now? Because SERIOUSLY!)..and though it wasn't heavy yet, I padded up. Ya know..just in case. Something to know: I tend to not do the whole..full butt underpants. Especially in public because hello, VPL..right? Tight-ish pants and visible panty lines do not work for me. I think you get where I'm going with this. Try to hide it as much as I could, it probably looked like I had a small load in the back of my pants. BUT! I carried on anyway because really..who's going to say anything? Haha.

I was checking to see if they had any fake orchids when I felt the eyes of the girl at the wedding counter thing like..burning a hole into my back. I kinda glanced up at her and blushed a little bit. Soon after, another associate friend of hers walked up and they both started laughing. I knew what they were laughing about, ya'll. They were both staring at me..and laughing. LAUGHING! I gave them semi-dirty looks..because I'm mature like that..blushed so hard I could feel the hotness and scooted quickly over to the cake decorating section (kind of like being with Hannah, right? hehe..where there are cake supplies there is Hannah's heart) and waited for it to all go away..while casually looking for ideas for Calix's birthday cake.

Mortified, ya'll..I was mortified. Also? That whole thing didn't prevent me from running two more errands.


Hannah said...

So now the question we are all waiting to hear the answer to: Did you buy any cake toys? Whatcha gonna do for mister man's birthday? Ya know, my first cake EVER was Ash's 2nd birthday cake. I asked Mom like 15 times if she was sure I would be able to do it.

Jenna said...

These kind of embarrassing moments made up most of my teenage years. You know, how when it's that time of the month, every single time you got up in class and someone laughed, you were sure there was blood all over the back of your pants. Yikes. So, Abs, just wear one of your cute sundresses and problem solved!

Abby said...

nope..didn't buy any cake toys. I'm still not entirely sure what his cake is going to be..but I was thinking about trying fondant for the first time ever. scary scary! haha. but for his "party" we're doing a small get together with his 2 little friends..and maddox.

any ideas?

Hannah said...

Cool on the fondant. Don't use the wilton brand though. It's inedible. Very very gross. I can give you a recipe for marshmallow fondant though. Super easy to make and delicious too. I just saw a really cute cake design for boys called "snips and snails" It had really cute chocolate transfers of puppy dogs and snails and stuff on it. Or I think it would be cute to do a military themed one ya know in honor of his Pa and all.