Friday, August 10, 2007

This is why I friggin love Ebay so much

About a week or so ago, I was randomly looking for a new pair of earrings on ebay. Ya know..a random feel good purchase. But something that wasn't expensive..because I do, afterall, have 2 small children. I ended up bidding on..and winning these:

My highest bid was something like $10..but I won them for $0.01. Yes, ya'll.. a penny. Well, okay, I thought..fantastic..I win again. Hehehe. They said something about them coming with a pouch and a small box..but long as you send them to me..dandy. I'm happy, right? They were shipped from Hong Kong for like $ in all the entire purchase was $6 cool dollars. Niiiceeee.

They arrived today. I opened the envelope and there it was.. a glorious teal blue box..with a small teal blue pouch inside of that. Ya'll? They're Tiffany & Co. The classic name..also printed on the earrings.

So..for fun, I checked to see how much they usually sell for.

Tiffany & Co.

$265. I Paid a penny plus shipping.

I win!!! I win!!!

Don't mind me, I'd just woken from a nap. Soooo sleepyyyy

Talk about a feel good purchase though, right? Geeze.


Hannah said...

HOLY POOP!! That's so awesome! And they are gorgeous dahling!

Abby said...


hilary said...

duuuuuude no fair!