Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mmmm..sleep deprivation

Dear self,

Stop reading e-mails from Grandma and people of the like before going to bed. It keeps you up and angry with all of the things you would love to say to them..but yet, are too shy to actually say them. You're afraid you're going to hurt more feelings than you intend to, but hey..they hurt your feelings all the time anyway. Why not a few stabs returned? These thoughts keep you up well past 1 in the morning and then these are the same nights your little one decides to wake up every half hour or so because he's rolled over and is unhappy. Plus, he lost his binky and is furious about that and also wants you to know he's going to wake up around 6 in the morning a happy little guy and expect you to be alert and play with him.These nights seem to happen often. I think Grandma sends them around that time on purpose because she's a snake like that. Old people do NOT equal sweet all the time. So self, do me a favor and stop checking e-mails. You are allowed to read things from your husband and your mother..but that's it. No exceptions!


your very own self

PS. Damn, you look good.

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