Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nothing's really been going on. I had an eye doctor's appointment yesterday. I think the receptionist lady had sand in her vagina or something. All rude and what not. I told her to have a fantastic day anyway. I care like that.

The exam was kind of embarrassing though. Way to make me feel like I can't see anything. The first letter? The ginormous one? "It looks like a very very blurry E". In truth, I only knew it was an "E" because I squinted a little. Otherwise all I saw were the 3 cross lines..and those were extra blurry too. It's embarrassing, man. I feel like Mr. Magoo. Thank golly for contacts. My vision..over the last 2 years..has only gone down to the next prescription or whatever..and that's good n all I guess...but man oh man..what I wouldn't give to wake up in the morning and just be able to SEE things without having to fuss with contacts while babies are yelling for me to come get them *NOW*. Someday I'll get Lasik..and I'll drag Orion along with me. Nothing's sexier than getting your eyes fixed with your husband in the next chair. Haha..rawwwrrrr.

All of you with your perfect vision..don't take it for granted. Keep in mind there are people like me who are blushing in an eye exam chair because she has to squint to see the big letter.

Here's a random video of Orion and Calix:

Orion and Calix from xximojoangelxxi and Vimeo.

Also..a few pictures of me and the boys from the other day:

It's so hard to get all 3 of us in a picture. I need a tripod, I think.

...Maddox looks worried.

Calix discovered for me that if you put your fingers over the flash..you get a red glowy effect.

hahaha..spittin image of Orion when he was a kid. Hahaha..that's so crazy!

Now, today I have to pick up beer and other drinkies for tomorrow's holiday. Perhaps Sherry and the boys will come over or something. If not? More for me, bitches!

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