Friday, July 13, 2007

Hmmm..what to write..what to write.

I could write about the awful things that have been said about me recently..but I won't because I'm too good for that. And really, why waste anymore of my time on someone who isn't worth anything to me anyway?

I could write about the sadness and/or rejection someone close to me is feeling today. I could tell you I spent over an hour talking with this person because I love them dearly and cannot stand to see someone I hold so close aching like that. I mostly just think it's disgusting behavior and the person who is in the wrong should know better than that. Examine yourself a bit more closely and ask yourself..would you like someone you love to say such cold things about you? How would it feel for you to be the less glorified all the time?

So..I bought glasses yesterday. I've decided it's been about 9 years since my eyes have had a real break from contacts. Other than taking them out at night, I really wear them all the time. I need to see, ya know. But, sometimes when I'm sick? Contacts bother me. I can't pass in and out of consciousness without having them dry up on me. Plus, I totally don't sleep with my eyes closed all the way (I also don't fully blink) they're pretty dry most of the time anyway. But yeah. I doubt anyone outside of this house will ever see me in them..but dang do I look darling in them. They'll be ready to pick up on the 20th..though I think for how much they friggin cost..I should have had them yesterday. Just sayin.

Also..because those silly things ended up costing over twice what I'd originally imagined, it meant no gym membership could be signed this time around..which worked out, actually because Sherry couldn't sign up either this time around. Life's funny like that. I like her though. We talk on the phone for hours every day..and I'm finding out she's way more like me than I thought. It's nice to talk to someone who also has stories. There's never any awkward pauses in our conversations..and I actually find that very comforting.

Now for a little game of sorts. But mostly just a list with the "game" tag attached to it:

What's in Orion's Care Package?

  1. The new Ranger Joe's catalog that came in the mail today
  2. A bag of Jerky
  3. An electric toothbrush and extra batteries
  4. A webcam so we can cam back and forth with one another
  5. Toothpaste
  6. Chapstick
  7. Shaving cream (when he left, the products all had to be itty I'm resupplying him)
  8. Deodorant
  9. Tums
  10. Wart remover (hahaha)
  11. A new pair of contacts
  12. A very sweet letter from his love (that would be me)

Maddox would also like everyone to know he and his pudgy thighs are 5 months old today.

Also? Lyndsay's 13!!! WOOOO!!!! I think she's old enough for aunt Abby to get her drunk now!!! (oh stop's a joke. I'll wait another year or so.. golly, I'm not that crazy!)

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YogaNana said...

Tell Maddox that the mean mean cruel and nasty control freaks at Nana's work won't let her knit while taking calls or even between calls, which is slowing down progress on his little blue afghan considerably, but she does hope to have it done before he needs it for a kindergarten nap rug.