Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day 14..do-over

The kids crack me up. I'll race Calix up the stairs and he'll chant "I'm winning!! I'm winning!!" over and over again because he's heard me say that to him before. He also lets you know when he wants a snack for sure..by climbing up into his highchair and waiting. Most times not so patiently.

Maddox is "talking" more and more every single day. Also..totally loves his big brother. He likes to be propped up so he can watch Calix play with his cars or whatever. It just makes me so sad that he's getting so big! Where's my small wrinkly guy I brought home from the hospital? Maybe there will be another small wrinkly person in my arms in coming months.

I'm not trying to be cryptic there. A week and a half ago or so..when I thought the coast was clear for no new babies..well, ya know..it wasn't a real visit, if you get my drift. Some slight spotting that led me to believe the real thing was coming..but..not so. So we're over here still waiting..while the other signs keep getting stronger and stronger (tender bits, achiness, nausea..) and the very same things that happened early on with Maddox are happening again. I totally ordered a bunch of those pregnancy test strip things (it's a better value, I think. many more tests..for a fraction of what you would pay for 1 or 2 at a store). So..I've been ya know..hanging out on the down low and all of that until I know stuff for sure.

Friday afternoon, Sherry and I have an appointment at a gym in E-town..to take a tour and perhaps do the membership thing. I know there are gyms here on post..that are free n all..BUT! This place we're looking at (she's been a member before) has daycare on site for extra cheap (like *super* cheap)..and along with the gym stuff..totally also has a nail salon and the much needed tanning beds! It's probably the greatest place I've ever heard of, really. Finally! It took getting to know Sherry to learn about the most magical place in the world. Everything I want to do..in one building..while someone else watches my kids. But they're still close by. Winner!

How hot would it be if I showed up to work out in this little number? How embarrassed do you think Sherry would be? Teehee!

mmm sexy I know. Hahaha..I can't keep a straight face for that one

So now I can totally focus on taking care of *me*..and have a workout buddy in the process! Mmmm weight-loss. Also..if there *is* an expected bundle, I'll at least have a super healthy pregnancy.

Tick tock tick tock..


hilary said...

Damn, I wish I had one of those places here!!

eeeeek, I'm going to be so damn excited if baby #3 is on her way!!! but geeze man, if you are preggy again, send some of that luck over to me man, cuz my girly parts don't work, and we both know you're fertile enough for the both of us!! did you get your tests from early-pregnancy-tests.com? I usually stock up there from time to time. looooove it!!

Abby said...

actually..nu uh. I actually found them on ebay. yes, I'm ashamed to admit it..but I totally bought pregnancy tests from ebay *hangs head in shame*.

And in response to your last comment..the voice is 50% Jenna (my sister)..25% me and 25% Maddox haha.

Friglet said...

I hope you are if you're ready to be again. :)

I'm to much of a wimp. My kids are all spaced by about 3 years!