Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I was watching Transamerica a few days ago and I just have to note an inaccuracy. Ya know..for the record.

The scene where Bree and her (his? I say that ya know..because the child was conceived while she was still a he) son are camping out? And they have those meals in the little brown plastic baggie things? Those are MREs. She asked him for matches..ya know..to heat the food up and he was out. Well, if you actually OPEN the package, you'll see there's a pack of matches in there for you..BUT you don't need them anyway. Because they were camping by a lake..they had everything they needed. MREs come with little heater type things. You stick the food pouches in them, pour a lil water in to the line on the heater..rest it up against a rock and BAM..warm food.

I just had to point that one out. It bothered me haha.

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hilary said...

pffffftttt. people should have done their research, eh?