Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 155

As I was making Maddox's morning bottle of milk..and getting Calix's morning cup and his breakfast ready, I heard a huge "BAM!! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BAM BAM!!". Screaming followed immediately afterwards. Calix was pulling his huge bucket of toys down the stairs (him in front..I figure this is the way it had to have been done because he's seen me drag laundry baskets down that same way) and I guess he lost footing or something and tumbled all the way down with toys smacking into him as he went.

Now..keep in mind..I didn't actually SEE this happening..but I figure it must have because when he came running and screaming to me (do you even know how long it took for me to get him to calm down? It seriously rattled the lil guy!) his face was all cut up (okay like..2 scratches and a small gash) and he had a big red mark (that's now a bruise) on his neck.

Later on, he was running and slammed his face into the arm of the, there was blood. Also more tears.

It was turning out to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.. I'm sure.

Ah, until it was time to go pick Sherry and the boys up to go rescue her car. Her oldest climbed into the backseat of my car and Calix's face automatically lit up. He friggin adores her boys. They had him cracking up while I ran in to run a small errand (ah, how nice it is to not have to drag them both into the Class Six with me!). Calix shared his animal crackers..and just generally had a good time. We then headed over to the Dollar Tree (I finally found someone who adores that place as much as I do!)..where I finally introduced Sherry to the Abby that randomly sings. In public. Look, it was a good song. She was laughing..and people in the aisles nearby were cracking up. It's good to be silly. She kept thanking me and thanking me for helping her out..but it's like..sweetie, that's what army wives are here for. You need me? I'm right there. I'm just waiting for Orion to call...

Hmm hmm hmm..any minute now.


hilary said...

poor little guy! i'm glad he's ok! *sends him lots of hugs*

Friglet said...

Ouch! I'm glad he's okay!