Friday, July 27, 2007

The Daily Sneeze

Know what I can't stand? Every morning, I tip toe around..check e-mail and read up on blogs as quietly as possible while the babies are still sleeping. It's kind of like a game for much can I get done..and..can I actually get an e-mail to Orion out before they start screaming?

Well..I just about always sneeze in the morning. Just once. Like I I did a couple of minutes ago. The daily sneeze..regardless of how quiet..wakes those kids up. It's like grrrrrrr!!!

So Calix is now in his room yelling for me.
I don't understand that, ya know. I mean..he has all sorts of toys in there (and hi?? he totally puts them away when I ask now! ) that could keep him occupied for hours upon hours what with his imagination n all (Maddox likes to be propped up just so he can watch his big brother play with toys. He seriously gets a big kick out of it). But no. I'm not that lucky.

Calix and his toys though..that's another post in itself. That kid has such an incredible imagination! Yesterday? He seriously brought 2 twigs in from outside and set them up on 2 different sides of the table and then zoomed his cars between them like they were trees on the side of the road or something.
Man, I can't believe my baby's almost 2 (22 months old today!) . Sigh. Soon, he'll be going to kindergarten..and asking me to drop him off a block away from the movie theater..and dating..and telling me I'm so embarrassing.

Stop it! I'm getting all choked up at those horrendous thoughts. Let me just believe my baby will always adore and never be ashamed of me.

For reals though? I totally can't wait to be a grandmother. I know.. I knowwwww it's WAY too early to think about that. But it also totally warms my heart.

***Yes, he plays with a CLEAN trashcan. I think it's weird, too. Also, I've given up on refolding his clothes in his drawer because he just takes them out to play with. Seriously. Also..given up on putting his drawer back on the tracks because he also pulls that down. Lots of alsos..***

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