Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Today was zoo day. We were pretty determined regardless of the weather because today was going to be the coolest of all the days this week. So it rained a few times while we were there...no big deal. Sprinkles, really. A good time was had by all..but I won't lie when I say 2 hours in I was sticky and sweaty and just friggin ready to pack it up and go home and "no, I don't wanna see any friggin birds.".

I've been fairly sick these past few days. Not so sure what it is, really..but lemme tell ya something. I am the girl who thinks she's pregnant at all times..even when it's impossible for me to get pregnant. Like..when Orion's not even home. Or the time I swore I must be pregnant..but it would have been impossible unless it were suddenly possible to get pregnant while pregnant..and gee, wouldn't I just be the first freak of nature to have that happen to me. Ya know, my luck n all. I pretty much take pregnancy tests every month. My mom can even tell ya that one. How many times have I called her up and requested she bring me one? Ha. Ha. Right? It's sad, really. So now, my problem is that I think I'm pregnant (big surprise!!)..but I'm on birth control. I'm tellin ya though..I'm so disgustingly fertile I wouldn't doubt it. I also don't get what's wrong with me because I skipped the week of pills that I'm supposed to get my period on because ya know..bad timing n all. But I took one look at Orion and started bleeding. That's almost not a joke. And I've been bleeding ever since and I really really don't get why. I'm super cranky about it, too..and it's not fair that I'm being all weird to Orion..but I feel like I can't help it. I'm like..pregnant or something (which, hi..is so far from funny.).

Anyway, that's all off topic. Zoo pictures:

Right before leaving. He was kind of hoping the zoo would hire him. Maybe his job could be telling them the animals are "whoooaahhhh biiiggg!!!" and maybe give them hugs because he's a fabulous hug giver.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but it was raining. Maddox and I were huddling under a tree in a small dry spot.

Elephants! Awww..baby elephant (Scotty). I also swear it must have been like the beginning of DUMBO at the zoo a little bit ago because there were "New Arrival!!" signs everywhere!

I will admit that the gorilla forest idea was pretty neat..but those silly gorillas were inside in the cooler air (thank you, gorillas!! mmm breezzeeeee)

Calix and daddy checkin out the gorillas

in the gorilla forest..I had to prove I was there

Maddox was there, too..but the lazy bones slept through the whole thing. Except for the elephant part. He lovedddd the elephants!

Seriously. I don't wanna go into how far in upward zig zags we had to travel to see a tiger's ass.

hello mr. snow leopard..hello! Depression sucks..but there's help. ("who does depression hurt? everyone.")

haha..this lady was walking by with her grand-daughter and was all "no, I'm not taking a picture of the flamingo" and I was all "but it's got tricks!" she was all "it does tricks?" "yeah..check it out all on one leg and what not" teehehehehehe

Calix's favorite part

I. Was. A. Huge. Sweaty. Mess. EWWWW

Orion seriously didn't know you could climb all over those things. Like..he thought you couldn't touch them and was gettin all upset at the kids climbing on them till I was all "dude..that's why they're there!". Poor child! (also..he didn't really want me taking Calix into the petting zoo part because he was bitten by a goat when he was small and is totally traumatized. AWWW!!)

Orion's first zoo statue sitting experience. teehehehehe


When we got back onto post, O wanted to check out the work that'd gotten done on the new housing sections while he was gone and look! Maddox Court! Precious moments.

So..that's about it. Now..time for ice cream and foot rubs. mmmm the good life.


YogaNana said...

We're just watching and smiling and maybe sniffling a little as the visit goes along --

Friglet said...

What a fun day! I never think of going to the zoo!