Sunday, June 17, 2007

From the bed:

Me: I had this dream that a new guy moved in down the street here. And when I asked him where he was from, he was all "Colorado" and I was like "oh, neat, where at?" and he was all "well, I lived in Castle Rock for a while then moved to Lakewood" "where abouts..?" and then he gave the sddress of our old apartment building..but it was the apartment across the hall. Anyway, we were talking for a few minutes and then Cramer like..came and stole him away and I didn't have a new guy friend anymore.

Orion: Maybe he stole your identity

Me: What? No..

Orion: well, he lived in the same places you did..

Me: That's silly.

Orion: you know, identity theft is very serious, Cuddle.

Me: Oh my god, that's going in my blog.

So..yesterday was our anniversary. Ah, yes..a cool 2 years. Grams and grandpa came over to watch the babies *GASP!!!* and we went out on a little date. We saw Ocean's 13..which was fairly decent..and Orion and I were the only ones laughing in the theater..which makes me wonder if people here have a sense of humor at all.Then we went to dinner where we ordered way too much before our main courses actually came out..and let me just say, I was so full my friggin back hurt. Um..we left early. Packed the food up and left because ya'll, I was in some serious pain. I almost threw up, on the reals.

When we got home, it was like 8pm (yeah yeah..grams and grandpa are old..I didn't want them driving home in the super dark) and we were all excited that the kids would be in bed and then we could have a few drinks and relax or something. No no. Not this time. Maddox was sitting up in his rocking chair and when he saw us, he lit up..smiled all big and started if to say "ooo ooo more people! welcome to my party!!". So..he was going to be up for a while. Calix, who'd been sent to bed early because he was driving grams crazy..woke up when he heard his mommy and daddy and started crying for us. I went in after they left because grams told me he hadn't really touched his dinner. My poor boy was so hungry he couldn't sleep! I felt awful for him, so I got him out of bed and fed him a little snack and then put him back to bed..where he passed right out.

Isn't the main perk of having a babysitter..coming home to sleeping children? I mean..ya know, I've babysat many many children in my day..and that's always how it worked for me.

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hilary said...

I will babysit for you!!!!! And i'll make sure they're fed and asleep when you get home. Then i'll itemize a bill (I charge by the diaper) and i'll be on my merry way so that you and Orion can work on making baby #3! *runs away before you hit me for saying that* hahaha