Saturday, June 30, 2007

The word

Word on the street is I'm officially not pregnant. *breathes a sigh of relief* also *a whimper of sadness*.

While I know it would have been super super extra (wow, I sound like a tampon) hard to be pregnant while O's gone..I kind of wanted to be. Don't start lashing out on me and tell me I'm crazy or anything. I, for the most part, love being pregnant. I want a third..I want to get #3 out of the way. Also? I really want a girl. While Calix loves blush and high heels and mommy playing with his hair (hey..his new thing is headbands. for reals.), it's kind of starting to worry Orion. He says..he says to me I should stop torturing our son..and that I really need a girl. Yo, I know.

I'm relieved to have a guaranteed 8 1/2 more months of just me and my other 2 babies..but I secretly also wanted one swimming around inside of me, too.


Jenna said...

I know exactly what you mean, Abby. I had a "scare" once several months back. You'll be glad later on when the timing's better. Can you imagine how crazy life would be with three under three? Yikes. But I know how those mommy heart strings tug...

YogaNana said...

Jenna was three years and one month when Josiah was born, plus I'd managed to work in a miscarriage between Ethan and Josiah.

But I wasn't trying to live alone with the babies, either -- even though your dad was gone a lot of the time or preoccupied with school, he could be summoned. :o) While I think it's much better (than being alone) for you to have these two little guys to keep you more than busy while Orion is out of the country, it's also just as well to let it be two for now, you know?

But I'll hope along with you that #3 will be a girl.