Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm slightly sad. I'm SO attached to clothes, it's sick. But..I need to get rid of everything I don't wear anymore..or can ever see myself wearing again. I literally left myself with next to nothing..but hey..at least what I kept is what mostly fits (okay, and the outfit I got engaged in..and a marilyn monroe tee..and the dress I got married in and..the valentine's night date dress..but everything else fits). It also gives me fantastic reasons to go shopping. Ya know..when there's a few bucks leftover.

I just think it's funny how you can mostly tell where I worked..for how long..and what the dress codes were like from my clothing. Hahaha. Lots of Old Navy (remember the majority of my Old Navy clothes from when I worked there got stolen by Greyhound and then given to the Salvation Army..and yes, I'm still angry about it), Rue 21, Guess, Van Heusen..and of course all of the affiliated stores.

My closet lost some serious weight (now if only I could..). At some point, I'll have to go through shoes and get rid of a bunch of them, because please, let's face it.. I have wayyyyy too many..and don't really wear any of them anymore. Ah, lifestyle changes.

Dear whoever buys these things,

Please be nice. I worked super super hard to build all of this up..and trust me, each piece of clothing has an awesome story or twelve. Ha ha ha.

You're Welcome.



Hannah said...

Hey wait!! Send them to me. I like clothes!!

PS I'm mailing you a surprise!!!

Friglet said...

Doesn't it feel so good though, when your closet is all cleaned out and uncluttered?

Abby said...

yeah..but there's also a vacant whistle going on in there. maybe even a tumble weed.