Thursday, June 07, 2007

Day 109

I've been so sad. O was supposed to get here..ya know..tomorrow. BUT..stupid cyclone stormy things like to prevent it. Someone out there just doesn't want me to have sex, do they? hahaha. That's almost a joke.

So..anyway, while we were talking, a woman came up and told him he's leaving early tomorrow morning. He has to go to Kuwait first..and from there fly to Ireland..then Atlanta..and then HERE!! Into my arms! Horray!!! Horray!!!!!

The guy he was originally supposed to get here with, arrived yesterday. I know this because he lives at the end of our block and was outside with his wife and babies yesterday (awww throwing his son up into the air!) while me and the boys were outside getting some sunshine. He looked over at me and I smiled back. Ya know..because my husband is his friend and what not. We're all going to get together at some point while O's home and do a his wife and I can meet and all of that. Should be a good time.

We have a few things planned for while he's home. The zoo, Dinosaur World, that BBQ, dinner here with grams and grandpa, dinner with grams and the extended family on O's side at her place, an anniversary date!... I have to figure something out for Father's Day. Maybe a picnic or something at Saunder's springs. And all kinds of cuddling. I'm friggin EXCITED, ya'll!

Plus, Big Love season 2 totally starts while he's here. Horray!!!

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