Monday, June 04, 2007

Day 106

If cleanliness were next to godliness (like they say), I'd be spooning with him/her/it right about now.

I totally dusted (well..Swiffered) all of the ceilings and corners in the house. I..kind of went on a dusting rampage? No, I did.

I also swept, Swiffered (swiffed..? Swiffer'd..?), and mopped my bedroom. Found a lot of toys belonging to Calix that I even forgot he owned. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see them again.

Also went through the clothes hanging up in the closet and found a ton to take to the thrift store here on post. I think I should go through the box of skinny clothes too..because ya know, I figure at this point even if I did ever fit into them again? I'd be dressing like a youngin. Like..a clubber or something. I doubt my children want to see me roaming around in tiny tube tops and sexy tennis outfits. People might mistake me for a whore. So..I'll go through all of that..probably tomorrow or something and drop it all off and let some other tiny person rock those things.

I also have to go through Maddox's teeny little shirts and pack away the itty bitty ones that don't fit anymore. Ya know..just in case there's another baby down the road or something.

Calix has a fat lip. Let me explain. So..he'd done a swell job of scattering his toys all over the living per usual..and I'd just gotten done telling him he needed to not slam his toy trucks on the glass table because it could break and there would be blood everywhere. He stepped backwards and slid on a toy ring thingy and BOOM! Fell face forward onto the hardwood floors. It looked like it hurt..but he stood up..cried..I picked him up..and then that's when it happened. Blood. Everywhere. EVERYWHERE!! His 2 front teeth slammed down hard into his bottom lip..leaving 2 perfectly sized teeth slits. And blood. Lots of blood. So much blood I was worried that I'd have to take him in to get stitches because no matter how much pressure I just wouldn't stop bleeding. He was screaming and squirming away from me and I'm trying to hold him down to get the blood to stop. Obviously it finally did. I cursed to myself about how much I hate whoever's idea it was to have wood floors everywhere in the house..and whoever's idea it was, should be shot. I get the whole..carpet needs cleaning thing..and hardwood floors are easier to take care of thing..I get that. But take into consideration, will ya, how many young kiddos are in each of these houses..and that hey, paying to have carpets cleaned after each family moves out..isn't really SUCH a big deal. It saves mommies a lot of grief in the child..blood...department. I hate feeling like my child isn't safe playing in his own house. I know he's going to get hurt from time to time..but I also feel like it wouldn't be quite so often if there were some padding under him.

I feel an angry letter coming on. Hahaha.

Maddox is teething..and has slobbery fists all the time. Calix had diarrhea all day. Poor kiddo!

So..I'm fairly nervous about O coming home. I miss him..I can't WAIT to see him and throw my arms around him and kiss and hug all over. But geeze. It a weird way..feels like he's just been this..internet boyfriend or guy I talk to on the phone or something. I feel like I have to give him a head's up about what I'm like in person..but he already knows! I find myself telling him that hey, I'm not as thin as you think I am..ya know, I've had kids..and it shows. I tell him I just about look the way I did before I got pregnant with Maddox. And he says he doesn't care and that I'm gorgeous no matter what. I know he feels that way...but that's just me. I feel the need to point out my flaws before everyone else does, ya know? Even if he IS my husband. I know he's in love with ME..and not my flat tire.

So um..whew..3 1/2 days. Holy crap..holy crap!!!! I feel like I need to start getting ready now! I feel like I need to go fill the gas tank up..and lay out the boys' clothes. I'm silly like that..but I'm just SO excited! EEEEEE!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

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