Friday, June 08, 2007

Day 110

..I don't wanna talk about it other than to say we're looking at Sunday for Orion now.

I'm more than irritated..but ya know..welcome to the army. "Hurry up and wait".

But I don't wanna talk about it.


YogaNana said...

So, do you wanna talk about it?

Does his two weeks start when he gets home? If so, then you just get to have him there longer, of course.

Btw, David mailed those two books I told you about a few days ago. And I tucked in a third that I also acquired by accident -- some kind of science fiction. Hope he might like that one, too, or someone he knows might.

Abby said...

I would talk about it if I could get the kids to calm the eff down for 5 minutes. EVERYTIME I get Maddox to sleep, Calix starts screaming..and it's like..I don't even understand because that's his mommy and him time. Whatever..he's friggin crazy, I think.

Send my thanks to David..and you can have some, too. The books arrived a couple of days ago..and I think all 3 of them look like they would interest O..because sadly, his almanac ripped in half (let me tell you how many almanacs that man goes through)..which means he's going to sucker me into letting him get ANOTHER one while he's here.

These last 2 days have also dragged their butts along..and it's so irritating because usually? My days fly by..and it's not even 1 friggin o'clock yet. 27 more hours until O's here..27 more hours until O's here..