Thursday, June 07, 2007

So..this is weird. I'm all crying and what not. But listen..look, Orion just called a few minutes ago..and he's getting on the plane for Kuwait! Horray!!! I cannot express how excited I am just to have him back home..even if it is only for 2 weeks. I adore that man more than I thought I could love anyone (besides my babies)..EVER. Love is an incredible thing..and darlin, we have it.

I'm going to try to capture his return on video..if I can, anyway. I just think it'd be a cute thing to have.

I've been watching homecoming videos on YouTube..and that's why I'm a hot mess right about now.

Watch some.

and ya know..go from there. If you have extra time, they're nice to watch. Get some tissues.


Crystal said...

Thanks a lot Abby! I should sleep good tonight after all that crying! Enjoy the two weeks, you lucky lady!

Abby said...

hey ya January I'll be telling you you're a lucky lady!