Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mere Hours

I know I haven't been writing about much over the past few days..but let's be honest. There's one thing..and one thing only on my mind..and that is to see my darling husband. Well, ya'll..that time comes tomorrow. I'll leave here around 2:45 with the boys in tow..and head on out to the airport making sure to drive extra careful. His plane lands around 4..and then EEEEEE!!! Hugs! Kisses!! Smiles! (the boys each totally have a sign, too. Maddox's says "Nice to meet you Daddy!!" which will be taped onto the stroller..and Calix's says "Welcome Home Daddy!!"..who knows if he'll actually hold it..or eat it. I may have to tape it to his back or something haha)

So yes, this is why I have nothing to really write about. I can't stand that the last 2 days have just been DRAGGING on. It's like COME ON!!! Just let me see him! Normally, my days fly by..but man oh man..each hour over the last 2 days has just been painfully slow.

Anyway, the house may not be perfectly put together by the time he gets in..what with it being late in the afternoon..early evening-ish. The house will look well played in. But I figure that's okay. It's not something he hasn't seen before..and it may even make his heart warm to see how big of an imagination his oldest actually has to create such toy destruction on a day to day basis. So really, I'm just not going to worry about it. It is what it is and I know for a fact anyway, that he wouldn't want me to "trouble" myself in getting ready for him at all. "Just leave it." he'd say. All he wants to see is his family.

Ah yes..but knowing me..I'll be scrambling up to the last minute before we leave picking up all of Calix's toys and putting them away. It's nice knowing he doesn't want me to bother with those things just because he's coming home (the toys don't normally get cleaned up till after Calix goes to bed..because really, what's the point?)..but I'm going to anyway because I WANT to. I want him to walk into a tidy home without having to worry about all of the toy cars (most of which were Orion's when he was a small boy. awwww) strewn about ready to break someone's something if they happen to slip on one (let me tell you how much it warms my heart just thinking about Orion and Calix playing cars together. Ah, the things daddies are for).

So anyway. I'm off to wash fingerprints off of walls. hahaha


Jenna said...

I'll be watching the clock with you! Let's see, that's 1:00 my time...I'm so excited for you guys! Have a GREAT day! I love the signs for the boys!

Friglet said...

I'm sure you're having fun right now! I'm so happy that you have him home! :)