Friday, June 01, 2007

Day 103

Today's just been one of those friendly kinds of days.

A random military man was asking me about where Orion is and things of the such while we were waiting for our cars to be washed. I think that's the very first time I've talked to a perfect stranger about it..but he was telling me he'd been to Selerno (where O used to be) and that it's a lot nicer than the place O currently we chuckled over that a bit. Nice man. And the guys who washed my car for me were super sweet, too..which is hard when it's SO gross outside.

Then in Walmart, I overheard a woman asking a random associate about make up..and then when the associate left, she was standing there all kinds of confused. So I stepped up and suggested a few things and she seemed super pleased and headed over to where I directed her. It seemed like it was the first time she's ever even thought about make up..or maybe the first time she's attempting to get her real colors. I don't know her story..but I hope I helped a bit.

Still in Walmart..but a few aisles over, I was picking up diapers and wipes..and a frazzled first time mommy pulled me aside to ask a question. She didn't know what size diapers to get. She said she called her husband and he thought that size 1-2 meant the I pointed out that you go by the child's weight. She didn't know how much he weighed currently..but gave me his weight from 3 weeks ago..and from there we determined which size she should buy. I think it's cute that new mommies ask for my help because clearly I'm weighed down by children (in public that's literal) and might just know a thing or two.

The cashier kept referring to Maddox as a "she", either Maddox is super pretty and looks like a female..or is a girl with many male features. I think he's mighty handsome (and O and I finally decided that hey, Calix looks like him..and Maddox looks like me. Awww).

Outside in the parking lot, I was stuffing everything into the trunk (whoops! I left the stroller in there!) with Maddox on my chest and Calix trying to stand up in the cart when the people who were parked next to me came out. I started loading Calix into his carseat and she totally took my cart back to the cart return for me! She was like "you've probably had a long day". How friggin sweet is that??

It's totally the little things.


YogaNana said...

I'm watching the days go back and getting excited for you, just so you know.

Crystal said...

Me too girl! But I'm getting jealous also, Ryan doesn't get R&R until January.